Saturday, January 21, 2017

jan.31- feb. 4 | a kind of alaska

The students at Trinity Western University invite you to join them for an evening of theatre featuring A KIND OF ALASKA followed by THE LETTER OF LAST RESORT. 

A KIND OF ALASKA by Harold Pinter

Production Company | SAMC Theatre at TWU
Direction | Lloyd Arnett
Lighting Design by Lora-Lynne Hanley
Stage Management by 
Set Design by Uliana Akulenko
Featuring| Alexandria Bay, Steven Simpson, and Joelle Wyminga

Deborah falls victim to "sleepy sickness" as a 15 year old and awakens 29 years later to find her world a changed place. As she emerges from a state of perpetual memory, past and present dance for dominance in her mind.
Deborah's younger sister, Pauline, now middle-aged herself, wonders how much of the truth Deborah can handle. More perplexing, was the doctor who was instrumental in Deborah's recovery her prince charming- or something more sinister?

Audiences will enjoy the challenge of piecing together Deborah's story in this one-act play by Nobel prize-winning playwright, Harold Pinter, inspired by Oliver Sack's book Awakenings.

Jan 31- Feb 4, 2017
Tuesday- Saturday 7:30pm
Sat matinees 2:00pm
7600 Glover Road, Langley

For tickets and more information click here.

Friday, January 20, 2017

corleone: the shakespearean godfather | advance photos part 2

Part 2 advance photos for CORLEONE: THE SHAKESPEAREAN GODFATHER, are here! Featuring Kaitlin Williams as Kay Adams, Stefania Indelicato as Michael Corleone, and Nicola Lipman as Vito Corleone.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

jan. 18 - 28 | the nether

Our friends at Redcurrant Collective opened THE NETHER last night at Firehall Arts Centre. Former apprentice, Julia Siedlanowska is featured in the show and associated artist, Chris Lam (director of SPRING AWAKENING on the PT stage March 8-11), directed it!

The Nether made its Vancouver premiere at this year’s Fringe Festival and was a favourite amongst critics. A detective story that explores the nature of virtual realms, fantasy and morality. Written by Jennifer Haley, The Nether is complex and darkly intriguing.

The play is set in the near future. The internet has evolved into the Nether, a vast network of virtual reality realms. Users may log in, choose an identity and indulge any desire. When Detective Morris investigates a realm called The Hideaway where pedophiles may live out their fantasies involving children, she brings its creator in for interrogation. They discover they have made emotional attachments in this realm that blind them to the greater questions of ethical behaviour, both in the imagination and the outside world.

Production Company | Redcurrant Collective
Direction | Chris Lam
Lighting Design by Jonathan Kim and Sound and Music Composition by James Coomber
Stage Management by Susan Currie
Featuring| David Bloom, Lissa Neptuno, Linden Banks, Julia Siedlanowska, & Douglas Ennenberg

Jan 18 - 28, 2017
Tue 7pm | Wed-Fri 8pm | Sat 4 & 8pm | Sun 3pm
Wed 1pm PWYC (Jan 18 & 25)

Box Office 604.689.0926

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

corleone: the shakespearean godfather | costume design | chantal short

PT got a sneak peak of the costume design for CORLEONE: THE SHAKESPEAREAN GODFATHER, at our meet and greet last week with the Classic Chic ladies. Costume designer, Chantal Short was given a tall order; Shakespeare, 1940's, cross gender, and a cast of 12 women, but she bravely accepted the challenge! Read on to find out how Chantal brings a little bit of Elizabethan flair to the classic 1940's design.

I came to Classic Chic, and CORLEONE as an invitation from Corina, who I'd recently worked with on, FLARE PATH for the Slamming Door Artist collective. FLARE PATH was set around the same time as the Godfather, the 1940s, so doing both shows back to back has definitely helped me get a handle on the period. I have a huge passion for vintage shopping and WW2 era fashion has always been one of my favorite periods. There's a certain romance in the clothing that I feel is really lost nowadays: it was really about complimenting the epitome of the feminine and masculine forms. I love the idea of getting dressed up daily, because it mattered how you presented yourself to society. Obviously this polarization was deeply rooted in sexism (you never would have seen a women wearing men's style clothing then!), so it's fun to be able to put a spin on it for the cross gender aspect of Classic Chic's take on the show.

Costuming a gender bending show was something I'd never done before, and like any artist, I think a new challenge always brings excitement and curiosity. Coupling that with creating a look all my own for a really iconic story made it an offer I really couldn't refuse! The Shakespearean element added to the story was really interesting to me too. I love the idea of trying to bring an anachronistic fusion to the costumes: a little bit of Elizabethan flair to the classic 40s design. I was super influenced by Valentino's fall couture collection this year, and Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 men's collection. Check them out! Really cool examples of bringing renaissance style into modern clothing. We're working with the idea of maybe adding some codpieces, some doublets, some ruffs. It's interesting because men's fashion by Elizabethan times would be considered really feminine nowadays. It was very common for men to wear tights, lots of jewelry, even makeup. We're trying to bring all these elements into Corleone for a really cool fusion of gender/time/ and story.

Ultimately though, I'm just really excited to work with a super kickass group of women who want to make good theatre. I can't think of many stories that are out there with big female ensemble casts that pack the same kind of intensity as Corleone. I just saw a friend comment on facebook the other day about how tired she is of female-centric stories just being about broken hearts, or virtue, or motherhood. Not that they're not important and valid topics, but sometimes girls like to throw down too! So I love that Classic Chic is rejecting the constraints of classic women's tropes, and letting girls get their gangster on! We just had our photoshoot the other day, and I was totally intimidated by how formidable our corleone boys looked! I'm really looking forward to sharing this one with the audience!

Recent credits:
FLARE PATH (Costume Designer) and A DOLL'S HOUSE (asst. Costume Designer) for Slamming Door Collective; 12th NIGHT (Costume Building) for TWU; LAND OF TRASH (Set Building) for Green Thumb Theatre; KOOZA (Wardrobe Prep) for Cirque Du Soleil; ANOTHER SHOT (Costume/Set Design) for star star Theatre; and THE GRADUATE (Costume Designer) for Metro Theatre. Up next: Costume designs for ALONE TOGETHER (Green Thumb Theatre) and BELFAST GIRLS (Penninsula Productions). Chantal is a graduate of the Phoenix Theatre at UVic.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

jan.10-21 | the fighting season

If you missed this show during the 2015 Fringe, this is your second chance to catch a host of fantastic Pacific Theatre artists. 

Bleeding Heart Theatre presents

by Sean Harris Oliver

Inspired by his father's deployment in Afghanistan, Sean Harris Oliver's searing new play investigates the Afghan war through the eyes of a Canadian field medic, a doctor, and a recovery room nurse.

Played to sold out audiences at the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival and was awarded The Georgia Straight's Critics Choice Award.

Directed by Evan Frayne (THE AMISH PROJECT)
Featuring Tom Pickett (MASTER HAROLD AND THE BOYS), Siona Gareau Brennan and Kyle Jespersen.
Stage Management by Lois Dawson (HOLY MO: A CHRISTMAS SHOW)
Set and Props by Jennifer Stewart
Sound Design by Matthew MacDonald-Bain
Lighting Design by Itai Erdal
Costume  Design by Kaitlin Williams (SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN)

Showing Jan. 10-21 at the East Van Cultural Centre.
Click here for tickets and showtimes.

Friday, January 13, 2017

new year, new shows, new volunteer opportunities!

Have you been thinking about volunteering at Pacific Theatre this New Year? Well, you're in luck because we have six exciting shows going up on the PT stage all before summer, and we need your help! Read on to find out about the benefits of being a PT volunteer. 

We are always looking to grow our volunteer family here at PT. There are three different volunteer opportunities that you can sign up for: Program volunteer, Box Office volunteer and Concession Volunteer. You get to choose the specific date and to which show you would like to volunteer for. Our volunteers have the opportunity to meet new people and acquire new skills depending on the show requirements. Our volunteers get a tour of the theatre before the doors open to the public and get the staff discount at our concession. Not only do you get to help out and give back to the theatre, but you also get to see our shows for free! That's right, during your volunteer shift you are able to watch the show from the comfort of our audience.

Shows coming up at PT:

CORLEONE: THE SHAKESPEAREAN GODFATHER  (Classic Chic Productions with the support of Pacific Theatre)
SPRING AWAKENING (Phantom Moon Collective)

**Plus shows produced by Stone's Throw Productions 

Head to our website for more information and to sign up for your first (or 50th) shift today! We can't wait for you to join the team!