Saturday, October 18, 2014

the rainmaker | theatre club

We've got our first Theatre Club of the season today for THE RAINMAKER!  Stick around after the matinee to discuss the show with fellow audience members and our apprentice Shona Struthers.

You can also check out our discussion guide and hold your own Theatre Club!  Just download the PDF of our discussion guide here.

Friday, October 17, 2014

the rainmaker | responses

"As comforting as homemade pumpkin pie. You know Lizzie is going to get a man, you know the rainmaker is a conman and, shucks, you know it’s gonna rain. The play goes where our hearts want it to go; it’s just a matter of how long it takes to get there and what surprises we might meet along the way." Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

"Yet, with proper staging, the play oozes with timeless concepts of trust, hope, love, and self-discovery, which explains its continued revival on stages worldwide. Director Ron Reed’s production is one such must-see gem. ... The Rainmaker is about individuals discovering their true selves." | Cora Li, Vancouverscape

"I LOVED the Rainmaker! It was funny without being ridiculous. It had believable characters whom all blended well together. The casting was great and the set simple, yet flexible. It was wonderful to leave the theatre feeling so positive with a good dose of hope on top!" | Shannon Bell, audience response

"This production boasts some very powerful performances that capture both the cornpone humour and the almost operatic passion. Andrew Wheeler as the tired and hopeful father is riveting and while he remains devoted to his children, he can still see their flaws. Ryan Scramstrad as the younger, simpler brother finds all the humour of this 1950’s himbo, but with such a great big heart that he often devastates. Robert Salvador is Starbuck, the charlatan rainmaker who holds promise for Lizzie and her family, and has the sexy conman down, but also finds the earnest romantic that makes you root for him. Pippa Johnstone as Lizzie has the self-accepted heaviness of someone who has lived life as a ‘plain girl’ and she finds so much cautious joy when she thinks she is going on a date that it breaks your heart." | David C. Jones, Vancouver Presents

"It was good to enter their lives entering a drought stricken farm and their survival, and then see the struggle that Lizzie faced along with a caring father a caring yet adolescent brother while the other brother handled family members like he ran the ranch. Very intriguing to watch family dynamics." | Beatrice Vanderbos, audience response

"This is a lovely production with a cozy set designed brilliantly by John Webber. With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas just around the corner, this is a great kick off to the holiday season with its heartwarming sentimentality and family dynamics." | Alan Woo, Fun Fun Vancouver

"In the final analysis, it is all the same: whether you want it to rain or you can’t wait for someone to make it stop raining, you must be prepared to immerse yourself in your hopes and dreams, transcend your sins, and finally become who you really are meant to be. This is the synthesis that director Ron Reed has managed to weave artfully into the Pacific Theatre’s excellent 2014 production of The Rainmaker." - Roger Eberle, Review Vancouver

the rainmaker | artist talkback

Tonight is the artist talkback for THE RAINMAKER!  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the rainmaker | opening night

We had a great opening of The Rainmaker on Friday night!  Here's some photos of the artists and guests at the reception.

Monday, October 13, 2014

contest corner winner

Congratulations to Marcus Barnes for winning our first Contest Corner of the season!  Mark will attend SIDESHOW for free, with a guest.  

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

the rainmaker | production photos

THE RAINMAKER opened with a splash yesterday.  Here's the first round of production photos from the show, all taken by Emily Cooper.

Friday, October 10, 2014

oct 14 | shadowlands | auditions

Our friends at Gallery 7 Theatre in Abbotsford are holding auditions for one of our favourite plays: SHADOWLANDS.


General Audition: TUESDAY, October 14, 2014 @ 6:30 PM
Call Backs: Saturday, October 18 @ 10:00 AM

We are looking for adult male and female performers ages 25 - 60 and one 8 - 14 year-old boy to perform in our production of William Nicholson's powerful and heartwarming story about C.S. Lewis' romance with American poet, Joy Gresham. Those interested in working back-stage are also invited to attend the auditions.

Gallery 7 Theatre - Huntington Station
#100 - 34595 3rd Avenue, Abbotsford

Please Register Ahead of Time:
Call 604-504-5940 or email

When you register, please let us know your name, phone number, email address and a little bit about your theatre experience, if any.

The Story:
The serene world of C.S. Lewis, Oxford professor, famous author and determined bachelor, is turned inside out when he is visited by the spirited poet, Joy Gresham. What starts as a cordial friendship transforms into an ardent romance. When Joy develops terminal cancer, C.S. Lewis is forced to re-think his stoic philosophy on pain and suffering and experiences love and compassion on an entirely new level. This heart-warming West-End and Broadway hit explores the power of love, and how suffering and loss can both challenge and transform a person's character and resolve.

Performance Dates:
January 23 & 24, 29 - 31, 2015 @ 7:30 PM
Discount Matinees: Jan. 24 & 31 @ 2:00 PM

Performance Location:
Abbotsford Arts Centre
2329 Crescent Avenue

Rehearsal Schedule:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings.
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Please note there will be two additional Saturday rehearsals scheduled: Saturday, December 6, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM and Saturday, January 10, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Please also note that during the final week of rehearsals, we will be rehearsing every evening.

Rehearsal Location:
Gallery 7 Theatre - Huntington Station
#100 - 34595 3rd Avenue, Abbotsford

Character Break-Down

We are looking for 7 men, 2 females and one boy to perform in the show. Here is a brief character break-down. Please note that the director may choose to cast older or younger than the ages listed here based on specific production needs.

C.S Lewis: An Oxford don in his fifties (45-60)
Joy Gresham: An American in her late thirties (30-40)
Major W. H. Lewis (Warnie): Lewis’s bachelor brother (55-65)
Professor Christopher Riley: An Oxford don
Harry Harrington: An Oxford Chaplain
Douglas: Joy’s eight-year-old son (8-12)
Alan Gregg/Doctor
Dr. Maurice Oakley/Clerk

the rainmaker | preview coverage

Tonight we open THE RAINMAKER, so we thought we'd share some of the great preview coverage that's come out for the show.

An excerpt from Ron Reed's interview in The Vancouver Sun:

Most theatre people remember their first true love. Maybe they can’t recall their first date, or the first person they kissed, but they know which play or performance they saw that made them realize they weren’t just in a theatre, they were home.

Ron Reed was in high school in Calgary when he was smitten by The Rainmaker. And the artistic director of Pacific Theatre is kicking off his season with a production of the American classic.
“When I was in it I was younger than Jimmy, the youngest brother in the story. Now I’m a dad, I’ve seen my daughters grow.”

As Reed tells The Sun about directing the show he fell for in Grade 12 it’s clear that the passion is still there as he talks about “the thrill” of directing the show and how he was relieved and delighted to discover he still finds it as “potent” as he had as a kid.

Read the whole thing here.

An excerpt from John Voth's interview with The Province:

He’s thrilled to be appearing in Pacific Theatre productions because he thinks the company puts on shows that are consistently challenging and honest. Over the years, it’s become one of the top-tier companies, with some excellent talent.

“The Rainmaker is very personal and down to Earth,” says Voth. “I expected it to be more action-packed going in, but it turns out that the characters are really believable and really refreshing. It’s unusual to find a play that has got everything in it to the point that you can just act naturally.”

It’s a different skill set than what is usually required; act minimally. But Voth says that the stage directions for the play keep stressing minimalism over and over again. The whole cast has found that in readings this rings true, too. He thinks that it should make for the kind of show where you really almost feel like you are eavesdropping on a discussion rather than watching a play.

Read the whole thing here.

An excerpt from Emily Cooper's interview about her artwork with us (with a focus on THE RAINMAKER) in Vancouver Presents:

For Pacific Theatre’s season opener, The Rainmaker, Cooper came up with 17 versions that she felt were contenders, with four ultimately making the final cut to be put in front of Reed and his team.

“When I first read The Rainmaker I felt the heat of the sun, of the really strong sun and the sexiness of the sun on your skin and sweating,” she recalls. “I was really inspired by the sun and I wanted that to be in the image.”

For the background images representing the men in the play, Cooper pulled from her collection of negative glass plates from the Portland photo historian. “They are all black and white Sunday portraits from the early 1900s, that I colored,” she says.

Read the entire thing here.

An excerpt from Pippa Johnstone's interview with Biz Books:

First and foremost, I just love the story. I am always drawn to stories about family, heartbreak and hope, and this story has a l all three. The story really hits home for me, it’s a real lesson in learning to love and believe in yourself, and about how beauty comes from how you see yourself. I think most people I know can relate to that on some level. Not to mention the creative team we have assembled is an absolute dream! I feel so lucky getting to work with some of my favourite artists in Vancouver on this beautiful play

Read the entire thing here.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

the rainmaker | pay-what-you-can preview

Tonight is the pay-what-you-can preview of THE RAINMAKER!  You can reserve your tickets in advance for $13.99 or show up at the door for pay-what-you-can seating.  As always, we recommend showing up around 7:30pm if you're going to go for the rush tickets.  See you tonight!