Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017-2018 | season trailer

Every year we select plays that explore the spiritual side of life, asking questions and exploring stories that  help us see our hearts, lives, and neighbours from a new perspective. This year is no different. Our new publicist Julia Lank created a season trailer to highlight some of those questions for you.

Learn more about this season's shows on our website.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

box office open

The box office is now open! If you've been waiting to buy your tickets and talk to someone in person, this is your chance! Give us a ring-ding-ding: 604-731-5518.

Monday, August 28, 2017

the christians | first read

Today we finally got to start rehearsals on the first show of the season! It felt so good after a summer of preparation to gather this incredible group of actors together and have the first read for THE CHRISTIANS.

Friday, August 25, 2017

2017-2018 | artwork spotlight | bar mitzvah boy and tolkien

It's our final artwork spotlight of the season! Check out these pieces for BAR MITZVAH BOY and TOLKIEN, created by Emily Cooper.

There were a few key points that needed to be communicated in the BAR MITZVAH BOY image: a man getting back in touch with his Judaism, and a touch of the ridiculous. The play, while quite heartfelt and emotional, also contains a good dose of comedy and so we wanted to show that with a brighter colour scheme. We love the final image! The people even look a bit like our actors, Jay Braze and Gina Chiarelli!

The season ends with a play that we have been working on for years: Ron Reed's TOLKIEN, a play about the friendship between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. The poster conveys everything we were hoping for: a sense of place (Oxford), of intellectual discourse, time passing (that tree!), and some of the fantastical elements from the worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017-2018 | artwork spotlight | ruined and an almost holy picture

We've got more amazing Emily Cooper artwork to share with you! Today we're shining the spotlight on the art for RUINED and AN ALMOST HOLY PICTURE.

RUINED is set in a bar and brothel in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while a civil war is raging on. The keys to this image were the location and element of danger. We wanted to show the precariousness of the women's situation. After a few versions, Emily created this stunning piece! Just look at everyone's eyes and you know there's something going on under the surface.

In AN ALMOST HOLY PICTURE, we experience a poetic journey through one man's life. Each piece in this image represents a story element in the show, and the overall feel is perfect: one of simplicity, contemplation, and waiting for growth to come.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017-2018 | artwork spotlight | written on the heart and almost, maine

Next up in our series highlighting the stunning artwork created for our season by Emily Cooper: WRITTEN ON THE HEART and ALMOST, MAINE. Two stories that couldn't be more different!

WRITTEN ON THE HEART tells the story of the formation of the King James Bible. We wanted an image that was straightforward and still depicted the multi-layered story, including some bloody drama. It needed to be clear that it was historical, literary, and Biblical. Emily brought us a few options to begin with, including one of just the Bible with a spattering of blood on it. In the end, we opted for this image: a bit more complex, depicting some of the relationships in the story.

A thoroughly charming collection of love stories, ALMOST, MAINE's image needed to communicate love and a touch of whimsy on a cold winter night. Emily created a few versions of this image, and we were smitten! The winter setting, fun, romance, and little touch of silliness is perfect for this story.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017-2018 | artwork spotlight | the christians and the lonesome west

It's time for another Artwork Spotlight! Every season we work with fantastic local artist Emily Cooper to create artwork for our shows that is evocative and thoughtful. These complex images have a lot to them, so we like to share a bit of the backstory for how we came up with them. Today we'll dig into the artwork for THE CHRISTIANS and THE LONESOME WEST.

THE CHRISTIANS is about a conflict that arises in a church. While the disagreement in THE CHRISTIANS is about heaven and hell, the heart of the play is about the conversations that arise in the community as a result of this shift. We wanted the image to show both the heaven and hell dichotomy as well as the community conflict.

What Emily brought us was perfect - the chasm between people, and depicting them in black and white, shows that the sense of division, and yet they are still turned towards each other, in conversation. Have a look at the heaven and hell imagery for some beautiful detail work!

THE LONESOME WEST tells the story of two brothers who, to put it lightly, just can't get along. Their anger at each other and the world bursts out in a host of unhealthy and violent actions. Yet, the play is a comedy (a very dark comedy, but comedy nonetheless.)

The image Emily created for us does a beautiful job of showing the combativeness between the brothers, as well as their environment. Their home is rundown, full of trash, and a few items that become important in the story, such as the Catholic figures.

Monday, August 21, 2017

2017-2018 season | online ticket sales now available

We know what you've been desperately waiting for: single ticket sales to be available online. Now it's happened and you can buy to your heart's content! 

Visit us online at to buy individual tickets to any upcoming show.

If you'd rather talk to a person, our box office will fully open on Tuesday, Aug 29th at 12pm.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2017-2018 season | mini-season cheat sheet

People love coming to Pacific Theatre shows for a whole host of reasons. Some people are looking for deep, meaningful discussions, others are hoping for a fun night out, or something in between. That's why we've put together some mini-series for you based on different things you might be looking for.

Looking for a great post-show conversation?

Our top recommendations that will really give you something to talk about on the way home include The Christians, The Lonesome West, Ruined, and Tolkien.

Want a fun date night?

Have a sweet night out with Almost, Maine, Christmas Presence, Sideshow, Bar Mitzvah Boy, and Tolkien.

Interested in uplifting stories?

Lift your heart with Almost, Maine, Christmas Presence, Sideshow, and Bar Mitzvah Boy.

Keen to dig into challenging fare?

If you attend theatre to experience something that challenges your views, try The Christians, The Lonesome West, Ruined, and An Almost Holy Picture.

Love to directly explore questions of faith?

While all our work reflects the spiritual side of life, you can get right into it with The Christians, An Almost Holy Picture, Bar Mitzvah Boy, and Tolkien.

Want to turn one of these mini-series into a subscription? We'll help you make it happen! Otherwise, single tickets will be available for sale online on Aug 21, and our box office opens Aug. 29th.

Monday, August 14, 2017

the christians in bc culture days!

Chances are pretty good if you are reading this that you've been to the theatre before, but there are a lot of people in BC who have never experienced live theatre! That's why we are so excited to partner with BC Culture Days and invite people to have their first theatre experience at PT.

Have your very first theatre experience with Pacific Theatre! We have reserved a limited number of tickets to our production of The Christians for BC Culture Days-goers who haven't yet experienced the beauty of live theatre.

The evening starts at 7pm with a pre-show chat and introduction to the theatre, and after the show you'll get to stick around and meet the cast!

It's a full immersion into the world of theatre, and it's FREE!

SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Please email to reserve. In your email please share with us something about why you have not yet been able to attend the theatre.

Note that tickets are only reserved once we email to confirm your booking.

See the event on BC Culture Days here.

Friday, August 11, 2017

2017-2018 season | staff picks | phil

Our Production Manager, Phil Miguel, weighs in with the three shows he is most excited to see next season.

I'm a fan of rough, dark plays with explorations into redemption. I'm also excited at what Cave Canem is going to bring.

I keep seeing bits of this show pop up and every time I'm delighted at how cute and yet deep this play gets. It'll be nice to see it all together.

Stories about innocence and the forging and breaking of relationships have always stuck with me in the most profound way. I'll be pondering this one for some time.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

announcing our new publicist and marketing assistant | julia lank

We are thrilled to announce that Julia Lank has taken the position of Publicist and Marketing Assistant with us! Welcome, Julia!

Julia is a graphic designer, stage manager, and improviser from East Vancouver. After receiving her Bachelor's degree from Capilano University, she spent several years working in film as an assistant director before being drawn into the world of live theatre. Her first stage management gig? Eleanor Felton's retelling of TAMING OF THE SHREW at Pacific Theatre.

Since then Vancouver theatre has been her world, most recently as the SM for CITY OF ANGELS at Performance Works. She is delighted to join the team at PT in an official capacity and help spread the word about the heartfelt, complex, and passionate work being done in this special space.

In her other life, Julia works as an improviser and teacher at Instant Theatre, where she performs with SHAKESPEARE AFTER DARK (spontaneous Shakespeare!) and HYPE: AN IMPROVISED HIP-HOPERA. She is the artistic director of Off Key Musical Improv and raps to herself while she waits for the bus.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

meet the apprentice | mariam barry

It's time to introduce our final apprentice to you! This team of emerging artists have completed their training in theatre and are ready to bridge into the professional world of theatre. While they are with us, they will run our box office and front of house, as well as create and produce their own work and get involved in our mainstage season. Last but not least, we have the third apprentice to introduce: Mariam Barry.

About Mariam: 

I was born in New York City into a family that holds an unparalleled love for travel; and so my parents' immense wanderlust gave my siblings and I the incomparable experience of a diverse childhood abroad. This, in turn, gave way to the multiplicity of landscapes and languages that shape my identity. I grew up internationally; in Germany, Norway, Switzerland and The Netherlands before packing up, yet again, four years ago to move to unceded Coast Salish territories in B.C., Canada, where I now live as a guest. In essence, this rich history of relocation makes me a textbook Third Culture Kid, which is to say, I am a person who has spent a significant part of my developmental years outside of my parent's passport country. The effect is that I habit a third culture which is a unique blend of the cultures of all my host countries and parental ones. This, coupled with my larger identity as a mixed race woman with a Norwegian mother and Gambian father, frames my intimate connection to stories of home, belonging, and diaspora.

What were you doing before the apprenticeship?

I'm so grateful to say that I have been immersed in the theatre community in Vancouver since I graduated from the BFA Acting program at UBC in May of 2016. Hence before the apprenticeship, I have been cultivating my craft by working full time as a theatre artist by performing in plays as an actor and creating new works with various ensembles through the year. My latest performances were being staged as part of Ensemble Theatre Company's 2017 Season where I played in A Prayer For Owen Meany by Simon Bent in repertory with In The Next Room by Sarah Ruhl.

Meanwhile, I was also working on The Cultch's latest Indigenous Youth Initiative called "UnSettled: A Journey of Our Homes on Native Land". This was one of the most profound pieces of theatre I have ever worked on. Part rehabilitation and part research, we plunged into creating content that explores what means to tell stories on Coast Salish territory through an ensemble composed mainly of Indigenous artists and artists of colour. It was a raw and empowering experience where we, as a collective, reclaimed our narratives through art.

For this, I thank our brilliant project facilitator, Kim Harvey, who is not only the Youth Coordinator at The Cultch but a compelling artist and advocate in her own right and an instrumental mentor to all of us.

What are your favourite shows that you’ve worked on so far?

I must say that "UnSettled" with Kim Harvery, "Eurydice" by Sarah Rhul as directed by Keltie Forsyth and "Arabian Nights" by Mary Zimmerman as directed by Evan Frayne are at the top of my list.

Yet with that being said, there is no doubt in my mind that "Ruined" by Lynn Nottage, which will be playing as part of Pacific Theatre's 2017-2018 season, is shaping up to be an incomparable experience. I can't wait to work on this show as an apprentice!

What is your non-theatrical specialty?

black girl magic + vegan recipes + the art of claiming space

What is the number one thing you are excited about doing during your apprenticeship?

I can't wait for all the learning that will take place (re: to keep on glowing & growing)! As I am absolutely floored by the abundance of opportunities that the apprenticeship provides as a means to deepen one's artistic practice. This is extremely exciting to me, as a theatre maker, in that I strive to attain a holistic skill set in my practice. Exposing myself to new areas of the theatre is both enriching and invaluable, which is why - believe it or not - I am very much looking forward to being mentored in grant writing.

What is your favourite thing about theatre? 

To me, the theatre is a sacred space: a rare setting where we intentionally gather as a community to witness wondrously imperfect people muddle their way through the universe. It is the oldest form of knowledge sharing. To take on the role a storyteller is to engage in an ancient oral tradition. It is how I honour my ancestors.

What would your top three categories in Trivial Pursuit be? (invented or real)

The collected works of August Wilson, the evolution of Beyoncé's rhythm & sound, and the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

If you received $1 million dollars that you couldn’t keep for yourself, what would you do with it?

This is an easy answer. I would build youth programs, community centres and state-of-the art hospitals in my family's village in The Gambia. I would also establish a federal scholarship fund for bright students who wish to pursue a post-secondary education.

In other words, I would give back to my ancestral community. With my passion project being the creation of our country's first national theatre; a safe space dedicated to reclaiming our vast histories and envisioning a bold future.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

SINGERS! Choir needed for The Christians, PT's season opener!

Lonnie Delisle (director of the Universal Gospel Choir) is looking for experienced singers for a small choir to be part of THE CHRISTIANS, the season opener at Pacific Theatre. It's a volunteer opportunity, but we'll treat you right! There's a particular need for men, but all interested singers should contact Lonnie at the email below. The more shows people can do, the better, but no singer is required at every performance. Ultimately we’ll likely have 2 or three groups once we figure out everyone’s availability.

a) email Lonnie at and indicate which of the 2 rehearsals you will attend
b) Fill out the DOODLE (here's the link) which has the 3 tech rehearsals and all performances – select ALL the dates for which you would be available.

Tracks will be provided for the songs to be learned.
There will be two rehearsals (only one is required but people can certainly come to both) at Canadian Memorial Church, 15th & Burrard
1. Tuesday September 5, 7:30pm – 9pm
2. Thursday September 7, 7:30 – 9pm

There will also be a couple rehearsals with the whole cast at the theatre during the week of September 5. Who will attend those is to be determined.

Tech Week: Monday Sept 11, Tues Sept 12, Wed Sept 13.
A choir for each date, some people will be at all tech rehearsals, others might not.

The run is Thurs Sept 14 – Sat October 7
Showtimes are Wed-Sat at 8pm with 2pm Sat matinees
(Total of 19 performances)

Rehearsal tracks will be sent so people can come to the rehearsals prepared.

Friday, August 04, 2017

2017-2018 season | staff picks | andrea

Our Director of Marketing and Publicity, Andrea Loewen, has a few shows she is most looking forward to next season.

This play is exactly the kind of thing I love PT for: smart, human, compelling questions about who we are, what we believe, and how we love each other.

I am almost at a loss for words when it comes to Ruined. The story is so necessary, so dark, so real, and has just enough hope to keep you going. I cannot WAIT to see it on stage.

Staged readings are one of my favourite things that we do! I love the opportunity to experience a play in a stripped-down way and really get into the words.

See the whole season here.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

2017-2018 season | staff picks | alison

Our General Manager Alison Chisholm is back! After a year away on maternity leave, we are so excited to have her with us once again. Here are the three shows she is most excited for next season.

I love the gritty writing of Martin McDonagh. Can't wait to see what the Cave Canem boys bring to this inaugural production.

This show is the perfect excuse for me to laugh, play, and let loose and somehow still call it work. I look forward to our annual SIDESHOW every year.

I can't wait to see Gina and Jay in this comedic and heartfelt gem of a show. Beautiful script! Stellar cast!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

meet the apprentice | charissa hurt

We've got three new apprentices coming our way this season! This team of emerging artists have completed their training in theatre and are ready to bridge into the professional world of theatre. While they are with us, they will run our box office and front of house, as well as create and produce their own work and get involved in our mainstage season. Before that, though, we want you to get to know them. This is Charissa Hurt.

About Charissa

Charissa is thrilled to be joining the PT family as an apprentice! From Surrey, Charissa loves the ocean, cats, chocolate, and murder mysteries. She holds a BA in Theatre and English from Trinity Western University and an MA in Arts Management (specialization in Performing Arts Management) with a certificate in non-profit Management from the University of Oregon. Her favourite Literary periods include the Victorian and Romantic eras. Recently, Charissa has interned with Artslandia Vancouver, Pi Theatre, and Oregon Contemporary Theatre. As an administrative apprentice, Charissa is excited to further her interests in development and marketing. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Fugue Theatre.

LinkedIn | Instagram

What were you doing before the apprenticeship?

Before the apprenticeship, I was in Eugene, Oregon completing my Master’s.

What are your favourite shows that you’ve worked on so far?

Please, Pass the Damsel Hand ( TWU [spaces] Literary Journal), The Escaper’s Song (SAMC Theatre at TWU/New Generations), and Fiddler on the Roof (SAMC Theatre at TWU).

What is your non-theatrical specialty?


What is the number one thing you are excited about doing during your apprenticeship?

Producing shows through Stone’s Throw!

What is your favourite thing about theatre?

The variety of people that you get to work with, and the fact that every day is exciting and different. There is never a dull moment.

What would your top three categories in Trivial Pursuit be? (invented or real)

Arts & Literature, History, and Disney.

If you received $1 million dollars that you couldn’t keep for yourself, what would you do with it?

Use it to help to establish an endowment fund for a non-profit organization.