Friday, August 27, 2010

Reasons to Subscribe

There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to ANY arts organization that you are a fan of - here's just a few reasons why you might want to subscribe to Pacific Theatre's 2010-2011 season. Keep in mind that if you subscribe before September 7th you'll get our early bird discount! Check out our subscription order info here.

Support for us

When you subscribe to a season at Pacific Theatre, whether you get our 4-show Sampler Pass or all out with an Everything Pass, you are making a clear statement of support for the theatre in two ways.

The first is financial: with every subscription our financial picture for the year gets a little more clear. The money from you subscription goes directly to pay for things like building materials for sets and costumes - things that need to be paid for before the show opens and the rest of the ticket sales role in.

The second way you support us is a little less tangible: when you subscribe you are literally buying into our season in advance. You are showing in no uncertain terms that you find value in the work that we do and want to make sure it continues, and that, my friends, is priceless.

Benefits for you

Buying a subscription is not just an act of charitable support for the theatre! You get some great benefits as a subscriber that others only dream about. A few of these benefits include:
  • The right to exchange your tickets as much as you like without paying a cent in exchange fees, so long as you give us 24 hours notice (single ticket purchasers pay $4 per ticket for an exchange)
  • First grab at seats - our subscribers pick where they want to sit first
  • Huge savings on your ticket purchases
  • Free admission to our Stone's Throw and Apprentice Showcases
Don't miss a show

How many times have you had the best intentions to get out and see a show and then suddenly realized that it passed you by? It's easy to get busy and forget to book tickets until it's too late, and then you're left hearing about how great the show was from all your friends. When you subscribe you are pre-booked in - no risk of missing a show because it's already in your calendar!

Great programming!

Okay, this is the part where I flog all the great upcoming PT shows. You can also get a sneak peak to our season here.

THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED - September 24-October 16
When a widowed Episcopal minister hires an agnostic gay man as her scholarly assistant she may have found the missing link in an estranged relationship with her son. Produced by one2theatre.

PLAYLAND - November 4-27
New Years Eve, 1989. Two South Africans, a black security guard and a white soldier, meet at a traveling amusement park.

CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR - December 9-January 1
On-air magic and off-stage romance combine in Philomena and Percival B. Frank's annual Christmas radio show - comfy as a cup of mulled cider. Produced by Midnight Theatre Collective.

MY NAME IS ASHER LEV - January 27-February 26
A poignant coming of age story of a young Jewish prodigy is forced to decide between his love for God and his desperate need to make art.

JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN - March 10-April 2
Rikers Island. Two men sit in solitary confinement. One a serial killer, the other accused of a murder he doesn't think was a crime. An uncompromising drama about contrition and hypocrisy. Produced by Glass City Theatre

JAKE'S GIFT - April 6-16
When a crusty, down-on-his-luck WW2 veteran reluctantly visits Juno Beach, he encounters a precocious ten-year-old who challenges him to confront some long-ignored ghosts.

THE GREAT DIVORCE - May 19-June 18
A theologically dazzling journey studded with memorable characters and images of human folly and sublime hope that will forever change the way you see eternity.

Second Stage Events
December 14, 19&20 at PT
December 17 on the North Shore
December 18 in the Valley

April 29&30

January 8
June 25

Vancouver Fringe Festival
September 8-18
DIRT by Robert Schneider
MIRACLE IN RWANDA by Leslie Lewis Sword
STRETCH DOG by Robert Olguin
(NB: Tickets to all Fringe shows can only be purchased through the Fringe office or on their website.)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Set and Prop Pieces Needed

Our good friends at one2theatre are guest-producing the first show in our season: THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED by Keith Bunin, and they are on the hunt for set and prop pieces. So if your desk or ottoman are feeling a little under-appreciated, it may be time that you let it shine on our stage!

Here's the wish list:

-a stuffed reading chair (in a dark colour pref.)
-desk lamp (like a piano light maybe)
-floor lamp
-area rug
-large, old looking wooden table
-wooden desk
-wooden desk chair w/swivel and wheels
-couple wood chairs
-ottoman (to go with reading chair possibly)
-Bibles, Bibles, Bibles (old, new, and in any language)
-old hymnals, books of alternative services

Please email if you've got anything to offer!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug 25-28 | HELD OVER! Robin Hood | Joel Stephanson, Julia Church, Kaitlin Williams, Kyla Ferrier

HELD OVER! AUGUST 25-28! Note that Ruth Buzzi will replace Lily Tomlin on Friday and Saturday night....

Spot Dan Rowan, Lily Tomlin and Pamela Austin in this band of merry (wo)men...

ITSAZOO Productions presents...
ROBIN HOOD — A Promenade Play

Aug 4-7, 10-14, 17-19, 25-28 @ 7:00pm
Aug 4 | Pay-What-You-Can Preview August 4
WHERE: Queen Elizabeth Park—Meet at the entrance to the Bloedel Conservatory. [MAP]

After 6 summers of critically acclaimed sold out productions (Grimm Tales, The Road to Canterbury, Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream) ITSAZOO returns to the great outdoors with an irreverent modern adaptation of Robin Hood. Performed promenade-style, Robin Hood is a social/political satire inspired and influenced by everything from Bread and Puppet Theatre and Bertolt Brecht to South Park and The Colbert Report. Our story follows a group of social activists who live and work amongst the transients of a tent city located in an urban park. The need for social programs is at an all time high however the government has allocated all its resources to a commerce driven sporting event. So the activists take matters into their own hands. In this promenade play the audience literally follows the merry men as they ‘Steal from the Rich to give to the Poor’ Cast includes members of Pacific Theatre's GODSPELL: Kaitlin Williams, Joel Stephanson, Julia Church, and (replacing Julia on Friday Aug 27 and Saturday Aug 28) Kyla Ferrier.

TICKETS: $13 & $17 plus HST.
Tickets can only be purchased in person from the Bloedel Conservatory.
Bloedel Hours: 9am-8pm Monday to Friday & 10am-9pm Sat/Sun
Call 778-888-2435 or email ITSAZOO ( for more information.

aug 25-28 | danny & the deep blue sea | jason goode

Jason Goode is well known around Pacific Theatre, including appearances on our stage - maybe you saw him opposite Becky Branscom in TWIGS a year and some ago? He's a film-maker - he made POP SWITCH with Lucia Frangione and Michael Kopsa, and HITCH HIKER with Kathy Parsons and Gina Chiarelli - as well as, in the present instance, a stage director...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PT at the Fringe

This September, our familiar space at 12th and Hemlock is host to four remarkable one-person shows with a distinct Pacific Theatre flavour. Here's a sneak peek at what we're bringing to the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.

by Doug Curtis, performed by Giovanni Mocibob
A young Christopher Columbus (no, not that one) has it on good authority he should become a paper boy - God told him to. So what's so important about delivering papers?
"Overflows with a beguiling mix of wit, humour, and intelligence. It's mesmerizing." -Calgary Sun

DIRT by Robert Schneider, performed by Christopher Domig
An illegal Iraqi immigrant sells roses on the street to people who won't meet his eye.
"My name is Sad. Actually, Saddam. A first name, just like Adolf or Jesus."

written and performed by Leslie Lewis Sword
For 91 days, Immaculee hid in a bathroom from machete-wielding killers. Twelve years later she returns the the tiny room that saved her life.
"A genuine inspiration. Sword's one-woman performance makes riveting theatre." -The Village Voice

written and performed by Robert Olguin
Think of the worst commercial you've ever seen. Now think of the poor jerk who had to be in it. He didn't want to be there, but he's got a wife, a baby, a mortgage, and believe it or not, talent.
"Painfully hilarious. By turns Rob Olguin gives belly laughs and cringingly honest accounts of his version of the Human Condition." -Mark Jenkins, The Actor's Studio

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Season Preview: Busy World is Hushed

This season we're playing host to a swath of guest production companies from our community. Our season opens with Adam Bergquist's (former apprentice, remember him from A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS?) company one2theatre producing THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED by Keith Bunin.

Set in the library of an intellectual New York theologian, three individuals with widely differing backgrounds are searching for an answer to their own loneliness and a safe place to land. Brant is a 30-year-old gay man (Adam Bergquist) living alone and losing his father to a terminal illness. A writer by trade, Brant applies for a job with a widowed Episcopalian Priest named Hannah (Jessie Award winner Gina Chiarelli) to assist in translating an ancient gospel. When her son (Sebastian Kroon) bursts in from a game he plays with himself called “get lost” in order to test his survival skills, both Brant and Hannah begin looking for ways to entice him to stay. With intellectual fire each character brings their own opinions and biases to the floor, but finding a common ground might be near impossible. God, family, religion and sexuality are all grappled with and fought over. But there are no easy answers as everyone searches for a safe place to land and peace at the last.

September 23-October 16 at Pacific Theatre
Directed by Richard Wolfe

Saturday, August 21, 2010

sep 9-19 | fringe | escape artists | kathy parsons, kaitlin williams, joel stephanson

A note from Pacific Theatre's Literary Manager (and dramaturg) Kathy Parsons on a show she's written for the Fringe Festival, starring Joel Stephanson and Kaitlin Williams, who just finished their apprenticeship at PT.

I'm writing to let you know that I am writing and directing a play for the Vancouver Fringe this year. It opens in three weeks!
My show is called Escape Artists I.
It is a collage of several theatre pieces performed on the Fire Escape on Granville Island and I use two very good actors I met through Pacific Theatre. (Joel Stephanson, Kaitlin Williams)

An audience of 15 people at a time climb up the fire escape to view the show (the fire escape has a plexi-glass roof so we can perform even in rain - yes, it does sometimes rain in Vancouver...) The show is 30 minutes long and runs every day of the festival (Sept 9-19th.) Escape Artists I is on once every evening and 3 times on Saturdays and Sundays.

A friend, Martin Gover (another playwright) is doing Escape Artists II and our shows alternate. His play is mostly drama - mine is mostly comedy. You can go on our website and see info, photos and times and dates.

There are a gazillion plays at the Fringe so if you come you can take in more than my show!
To see any plays at the fringe you will have to buy a fringe membership which costs $5. You keep this with you and it is shown at every play you go to - the money from that supports the fringe.
The tickets for the plays are $10 Monday thru Thursday and $12 for Friday thru Sunday and the money from the shows goes to the artists putting on that particular play.
Tickets can be bought in advance (they will add $2 extra per ticket if you do this).
To buy tickets in advance you go through the Fringe.
To buy them at the show our ticket tent is on the corner of Old Bridge and Johnston St. on Granville Island and will be open one hour before the show begins.
Memberships can be bought at the door of any show.

If you don't buy tickets in advance then I recommend coming in the earlier part of the run because things often sell out nearer the end - esp. if they are popular and you might not get a seat.

The Fringe website

that's all for now - there's sure to be more info from me coming your way in the next 3 weeks.
Hope you can come!
Thursday Sept. 9 5:30pm
Friday Sept. 10 6:30pm

Saturday Sept. 11 1:30pm 3:30pm 5:30pm
Sunday Sept. 12 2:30pm 4:30pm 6:30pm

Monday Sept. 13 6:15pm
Tuesday Sept. 14 6:15pm
Wednesday Sept. 15 5:15pm
Thursday Sept. 16 5:15pm
Friday Sept. 17 5:15pm

Saturday Sept. 18 12:00pm 2:00pm 4:00pm 6:00pm
Sunday Sept. 19 1:00pm 3:00pm 5:00pm

Escape Artists will be performed at
Location 43

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

aug 24 | pacifica singers audtions

Dear Friends and Colleagues;

The upcoming date for Pacifica Singers auditions is now confirmed: the evening of Tuesday, August 24, 2010. An alternate date will be scheduled for singers who cannot attend on the 24th. Many thanks to those of you who have already referred singers!

If you know of any excellent choral musicians who will be looking for a choir to sing with in the Vancouver area next season, please encourage them to contact me. I include some information below, suitable for forwarding, and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

All best wishes,

Dr. John William Trotter
Assistant Conductor, Vancouver Chamber Choir

The Pacifica Singers are a select ensemble of 16-18 voices led by award-winning conductor John William Trotter, Assistant Conductor of the Vancouver Chamber Choir. The ensemble was established in 2009 to provide a performance venue for experienced and motivated choral singers whose goal is to make music at a very high level. In providing direct exposure to the world of professional music making, it offers an experience of exceptional value for singers intending to make music their career. Current members are drawn from throughout the Lower Mainland region, with many also serving as conductors, music educators, and/or professional singers in their communities.

The Pacifica Singers will perform in four concerts with the Vancouver Chamber Choir in the course of the 2010-2011 season, in addition to one independent production. Repertoire will include masterpieces by Vivaldi, Fauré, Schubert, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and others.

Auditions will be held on the evening of Tuesday, August 24, 2010, at 1254 West 7th Avenue (Hodson Manor) in Vancouver. An alternate date will be scheduled for singers who cannot attend.

Regular Rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings beginning in September, with additional dress rehearsals as required.

For more information, or to schedule an audition time, email John William Trotter at

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

aug 21 | timothy clayton

found wanting | betty spackman

My friend Betty Spackman has created an installation art piece that will be shown in the Okanagan this fall, and in the Lower Mainland in the new year. Earlier this year, I visited her studio in Fort Langley and took some photos. Now there's a short video piece about the work.