Saturday, February 28, 2009

Name that Von Trapp!

From the Toronto production of A SOUND OF MUSIC. Identity of the Captain to be revealed...



Yup, that's our very own Ian Farthing! Congrats, good sir.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mar 5 / 28: Leora Cashe

We miss Leora Cashe, the gospel and jazz singer who was a long-time feature at CHRISTMAS PRESENCE. She moved away from Vancouver a couple years ago, but she's headed back our way for a quick Western Canada tour.

Thursday March 5th 7:30pm
The Silk Purse Music Series Presents

Leora Cashe and The Ross Taggart Trio

Tickets: $15.00 Members $17.00 Non-Members
Ph. (604) 925-7292
The Silk Purse
1570 Argyle Avenue
West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Call ASAP for tickets, it's a small venue!

Darren Radtke - bass
Buff Allen - drums
Ross Taggart - piano


Saturday, March 28, 2009
The Blasted Church Midnight Service
Christ Church Cathedral
Tickets: $89.00 call 604-873-3311

A runaway hit at the Okanagan Wine Festival every year, the Blasted Church Midnight
Service comes to Vancouver's vino week for the very first time. Not your average mingler, the
evening brings to life the label's irreverent name by having guests commune at Christ Church
Cathedral for soul food from Memphis Blues Barbeque House and soulful music from the Gospel
Experience Choir featuring Candy Churchill, Joe Chappell, Will Sanders, Leora Cashe, Marcus Mosely,
Sibel Thrasher, Ron Small and Lovie Eli.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrate World Theatre Day with 2-for-1 Tickets to A TIME TO DANCE

...and you can see it 2-for-1!

Please join us in celebrating World Theatre Day, 2009! World Theatre Day is celebrated every year on March 27, and is sponsored by The International Theatre Institute.*


TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS CALL 604.731.5518 or email

Libby Skala charmed Vancouver audiences two seasons ago with her heart-warming one-woman show, Lilia, for which she received international acclaim. Now she returns with A Time to Dance, a magical fusion of storytelling, improvised movement, and creative dance, to tell the life and soul of the spirited Austrian Elizabeth ‘Lisl’ Polk, who danced her way indomitably through poverty, artistic repression, and the rise of Hitler.

This one-woman show, called “fanciful and expressive” by The London Free Press, shares with its audience the voice of a cast of characters, enlivened through the profound talent of Lisl’s great-niece, Libby Skala. Skala recounts the tale of a woman who arrived in Vienna in 1902, survived two world wars, immigrated to New York, and danced the Macarena on her 100th birthday.

A pioneer of dance therapy and the wife of an unexpected suitor, Lisl tells the tale of harrowing adventure, wild creativity, and the discovery of a surprising and long-awaited for love.

A Time to Dance has toured Berlin, Dresden, Toronto, and New York, and arrives in Vancouver at Pacific Theatre March 19 (with a preview March 18), and running to April 4.

*The ITI is an international non-governmental organization that was founded in Prague in 1948 by UNESCO and the international theatre community. The ITI aims "to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts (drama, dance, music theatre) in order to consolidate peace and solidarity between peoples, to deepen mutual understanding and increase creative co-operation between all people in the theatre arts."

Check out the World Theatre Day blog:

Feb 26: Damon Calderwood, FLIGHTS OF FANCY

The ELEPHANT MAN is also a bird man....

Felicitations, Feathered Friends...

Once again, just in case you were in the mood for some images of our fine feathered friends, I wanted to tell you about another PowerPoint show I'm doing this Thursday about my book, Flights of Fantasy, and my next book, Moments of Discovery.

The show is about an hour long, and includes pictures from my first and upcoming books, with every delightful and zany anecdote about birds--and my adventures photographing them--I can squeeze into 60 minutes.

Here's the info:

Thursday, February 26th from 7-8:30 pm I am at the Capilano Library in North Vancouver...3045 Highland Boulevard (in Edgemont village) {Phone (604) 987-4471}.

Here's some info. And here's some more.

The show is free, of course, and open to all who have a love for nature or photography. I would love to see you there if you live in the area. I'll have copies of my book available as well as prints of some of my shots to peruse. If you have any questions feel free to e mail me or give me a call at 778-998-4886.

Yours bird-brainedly,

Feb 25 - Mar 14: Anthony Ingram in CORIOLANUS

PT regular Anthony Ingram (ELEPHANT MAN, BEGGARS AT THE WATERS OF IMMORTALITY, PRIVATE EYES, HALO, etc) opens next week in...

"Let every feeble rumor shake your hearts"
Directed by Jack Paterson*

Previews: Feb 25 & 26, 8pm ($10)
Performances: Feb 27-Marh 14, 8PM
Tues - Sun, 8pm

Box Office and Reservations: (604)224-8007 Ext 3
Book on line at
Advanced Ticket can be purchased at BizBooks: 302 West Cordova St.

Coriolanus: for the first time since the 19th century
Jack Paterson and team return to the Jericho Arts Centre

Following the critical success of Titus Andronicus, Jack Paterson returns to the Jericho
Arts Centre with his reinvention of another neglected Shakespeare text: Coriolanus. It
would seem that this will be the first professional production in Vancouver since the late
19th century, when a touring troupe brought their show to town.

According to RB Parker, editor of the Oxford University edition of the play, Coriolanus is
the most brilliant political play ever written. Through its exploration of what happens to a
solider during peacetime, it is a powerfully relevant study of the relationship between
personality and politics. For his heroism in war, Coriolanus is nominated for the office of
Roman consul. Immediately, his opponents seize on his one fatal flaw: his refusal to
play the political games demanded by the public of their leaders. The hero becomes a
hated outcast – vowing terrible revenge on his own community.

Paterson and his team have carved out a reputation for creating gripping produc-
tions of Shakespeare that uncover the core of the work, making it relevant for to-
day’s audiences. In 2006, Paterson received the Ray Michal Award of Work by an
Emerging Director; a recognition for a body of work that includes Titus Andronicus
(five Jessie nominations; Vancouver Courier & best theatre
of 2006 lists), Shakespeare’s R&J (two Jessie nominations and also on the Cou-
rier best of list for 2006), Julius Caesar (two Jessie nominations, Vancouver Cou-
rier Best of List) and The Tempest (one Jessie nomination).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mar 27/29: Lance Odegard cd release concerts

Remember Lance Odegard from CHRISTMAS PRESENCE, TESTIMONY, etc? This past December he brought us the crunchiest Advent tune yet, a glorious reframing of Dylan's "When The Ship Comes In," and a cover of Vancouver songwriter Peter La Grand's memorable "Mary's Song." Well, that uprooted prairie boy's got two new albums, and (appropriately enough) a pair of cd release concerts coming up. You can buy the records at his site, and here's the info on the gigs...

Lance Odegard & Band/ with special guests Sheree Plett Band/ and Alec Arnold & Crystal Shepherd
Friday, March 27, 2009
$10 I Doors at 7:30pm
St. James Hall
3214 10th Avenue West
Vancouver, BC

Lance Odegard & Band/ with special guest Ryan Chace
Sunday, March 29, 2009
7:30pm I $7 at the door
House of James Coffeehouse
2743 Emerson Street
Abbotsford, BC

Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 18-28: EAST OF BERLIN, Firehall/Touchstone

When I first saw a description of EAST OF BERLIN, I had to read it twice to figure out whether it was REFUGE OF LIES or not; "Rudi has grown up in Paraguay, blissfully ignorant of his father’s past. When he discovers the awful truth, he tries to atone for his father’s appalling acts. Can love heal what history has so brutally torn asunder? Or will the horrors of the past haunt him forever? East of Berlin is a stirring and absolutely essential meditation on the psychological legacy of the Holocaust..."
Of course it's not the same play, but that description hooked me. I'm not going to miss this one: even aside from the coincidence of name and place, these are obviously themes and subjects I find fascinating. I'm going next Friday.

Here's what Katrina Dunn (who directed PRODIGAL SON) sent in an email this morning...

Hi all,

This is just a little reminder email about East of Berlin, a really
amazing show from Toronto which Touchstone and others have brought out
to Vancouver and runs at the Firehall now until February 28th. Below
is some info about it and some of the artists involved that I sent out
around the GVPTA - I'm sure you'll know these people and appreciate
how great it is to have their work in town. I really hope you can
check out this amazing piece. A buddy of mine who was at the PWYC
preview last night said: "The show is both hysterically funny and
terrifying. The audience were stunned into a trance, truly. It took
them all some time to get up and leave. Wow."
Best, Katrina Dunn

Dear GVPTA Members,

The Firehall Arts Centre, Touchstone Theatre, the Chutzpah! Festival and Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad have brought the Tarragon Theatre's acclaimed production of Hannah Moscovitch's East of Berlin to Vancouver for a limited run. The show features the work of two of Toronto's hottest theatre artists - neither of whom has ever been featured on a Vancouver stage. Don't miss this rare opportunity to check out their work and this multi-Dora-award-nominated show fresh from its Toronto remount and off to play Theatre Network in Edmonton.

Playwright Hannah Moscovitch is a stellar young talent - an emerging playwright who has been dubbed "an indie sensation" by Toronto Life Magazine, "the wunderkind of Canadian theatre" by CBC Radio, and "irritatingly talented" by Eye Weekly. Her plays have been produced at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto where she is currently playwright-in-residence, the Factory Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival among others. Upcoming, Hannah has been commissioned to create new works for the stage with a number of Canada's most exciting established and experimental theatre companies, including Prairie Theatre Exchange, Great Canadian Theatre Company, Volcano Theatre, 2b theatre company, Theatrefront, and Manhattan Theatre Club in New York.

Director Alisa Palmer is an award- winning theatre director in demand across the country and one of few Canadian directors who crosses genres, directing classics, contemporary plays, creation projects, musicals and operas. As a director recent productions include Top Girls (revived last fall for Soulpepper), The Clean House at Canadian Stage, the premiere and revival of the 2005 hit Belle Moral : A Natural History at the Shaw Festival (currently running at the National Arts Centre). She has directed numerous landmark plays which have toured across the country, including Diane Flacks Random Acts, Sibs by Richard Greenblatt and Flacks and Smudge, the first professional play by a blind playwright. She has twice been shortlisted for the Siminovitch prize.

East of Berlin plays February 18th to 28th at the Firehall Arts Centre.
Tickets are available at the Firehall Box Office 604-689-0926 or online

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Holy Mo: Moses in Denial & the Clowning of King David
by Naomi Dolgoy
Plank Magazine, February 18 2009

Lucia Frangione’s Holy Mo once again graces the stage of Pacific Theatre this month. I had the pleasure of witnessing the Holy Mo trinity of Follie (Katharine Venour), Bufoona (Erla-Faye Forsyth) and Guff (Julia Mackey) as they led audiences through the story of Moses in Holy Mo, followed by a short ‘pee break’ (as explained by Follie, and more commonly referred to as intermission), then through the story of King David in Spew Boy.

This revamping of the Holy Book for Holy Mo, transforms stoic Bible figures into comical, nicknamed, multifaceted characters. Biblical Moses becomes ‘Mo’, brother of rapping, dreadlocked Aaron, and husband of Biblical Zipporah, ‘Zip’, who begs him to get off the couch, stop watching TV, and enjoy his retirement. Kind David is ‘Davey’, who starts out as a bagel boy; and the Israelites, ‘Heebies’ are factory workers – a role that allows for audience participation. The Biblical tales are re-imagined with clowning, mime, country bluegrass music, movie montages and pop-culture references from Chariots of Fire to Sylvester Stallone to Macbeth – there is even a scene in ‘slow mo’. The stage setting evokes a circus arena, in which the audience sits on both sides of the venue, and the players engage the viewers with amazing ‘feats’ of circus performance.

The physical design of Holy Mo is elegantly layered – a sheer curtain becomes the Red Sea, the veil of God, and the blood-smeared houses in Goshen (Egypt). The costumes are simple and comical: broom bristles atop a hockey mask denote the giant Goliath, a red beret and a cigarette express the emotional character of Jonathon (King David’s brother in law). The comedy is equally layered: seemingly overt yet undeniably complex. Bathroom jokes and ‘gangsta’ Biblical figures build on the main comical conceit: clowns recanting stories of two Biblically revered characters, depicting their shortcomings as equal to their heroism.

Follie, Bufoona and Guff represent characteristics in all of us, both in their strengths and in their weaknesses. They put on a show acting out Biblical stories that they believe must be told, while analyzing the relationship between the people and their invisible-deity-that-cannot-be-seen-until-you-die, Yamma (God). Throughout the play the clowns pause to challenge and evaluate the actions of Yamma. The clowns approach Godliness with a childlike wonder and amazement, wanting to play God, fearing God, revering God. This relationship between player and creator parallels the relationship between Moses and God, and David and God, in the Bible, wherein the supplicants question their ability and purpose as leaders, and challenge God who selected them for the role.

Underneath the cleverness and good-natured humor, what these three clowns are telling is a story of sacrificing oneself for a greater purpose. Though their stories are from the Biblical era, the clowns mesmerize the audience with timeless tales of struggle, success and self-actualization. Fittingly, time and space cease to matter; Hollywood Movies, modern slang, and Biblical feats fuse together to form Holy Mo, a performance fit for a King—as reluctant as he is heroic—or a Leader as shy as he is monumental.

Cast: Katharine Venour, Erla Faye Forsyth, Julia Mackey. Director: Morris Ertman. Scenic Design: Kevin McAllister. Costume Design: Drew Facey. Lighting Design: Matt Frankish. Musical Direction/Sound Design: Luke Ertman. Stage Manager: Lois Dawson; Holy Mo runs 8pm Wednesday-Saturday, February 6-March 7, with select Saturday Matinees at 2pm, at Pacific Theatre (604.731.5518); tickets $17-$34.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 22: "Praise The Lord With Stringed Instruments"

I officially declare this Sunday... Something to do with strings. You can make something up.

Point being, after you leave the Pacific Rim concert at Pacific Theatre Sunday afternoon, why not grab a nice dinner - some spaghetti, perhaps? or string beans? - then head over to First Christian Reformed for more?

Hi, friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Hooray, part 3 of my arts thesis is this Sunday! It's another worship service, for Epiphany season, which will feature lots of chamber music (late Classical and early Romantic) and silence and prayer... and not many words at all. For introverts like me, it will (hopefully) be a paradise of restful silence before God. Well, I hope it will be the same for extroverts too...

Here are the details:

Who: the musicians will be me, Kathy Kwon, Jonathan Ng, and Colin Wilson. We are a piano trio and string quartet. A whole lot of others will be involved in planning, food prep, decorations, etc. You are also a welcome participant.
What: A worship service, in which we will worship God through instrumental music, silence, and prayer. Afterwards there will be coffee, snacks, and a chance to discuss.
When: This Sunday night, February 22, at 7:30.
Where: First Christian Reformed Church, 2670 Victoria Dr., Vancouver
Why: We need to pray!

This is an open invitation, so feel free to bring friends. I hope to see many of you on Sunday night!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 22: Music At Pacific - Pacific Rim String Quartet

The Pacific Rim String Quartet continues their second season in residence at Pacific Theatre, playing Mozart's 'Hunt' Quartet, Shostakovich Quartet #7, and Dvorak's chamber masterpiece, the 'American' quartet.

Music At Pacific
Sunday, February 22, 3PM
Pacific Rim String Quartet
Pacific Theatre, W. 12th and Hemlock
tickets: 604-731-5518

Other opportunities to hear PRSQ Artistic Director Brian Mix

Sunday, March 1, 2PM
Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello
Li-Ling Liao, violin soloist, Brian Mix, cello soloist
New Westminster Symphony Orchestra
Massey Theatre, 8th and 8th, New Westminster
Admission by donation

Tuesday, March 10, 8PM
Music on Main's series "A Month of Tuesdays" at The Cellar Restaurant,
West Broadway at Dunbar
J.S. Bach: Suites for solo cello
Brian Mix, cello

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 14: VINTAGE VALENTINE at Pacific Theatre

Stones Throw Productions presents

A fun-filled Musical Theatre Review all about love. Bring your friends or your Valentine and enjoy numbers from Moulin Rouge, Fiddler on the Roof, Chicago and many more. Tickets are $11 in advance or pay-what-you-can at the door. Or purchase a ticket to see Holy MO on Feb 14th and stay to see Vintage Valentine for FREE!. For more information please phone our box office at (604)731-5518.

Saturday, February 14, 2009
10:15pm - 11:30pm

Pacific Theatre
1440 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Feb 11-14: PROOF at TWU

Theatre at TWU presents David Auburn’s Proof, a play that asks the question: how can we know the truth when there is no proof? This Pulitzer Prize winning modern drama explores the instabilities of love, trust, and mathematical certainty.

The story centers on Catherine, the daughter of a brilliant but mentally unstable mathematician. After his death, Catherine discovers a paradigm-shifting proof among his papers, and claims the discovery as her own. Has she inherited her father’s genius, or his insanity?

Running for five performances only, Proof offers a dynamic evening of compelling drama sure to engage both the heard and mind with intrigue, romance, laughter and science.

Feb 11-14, 8pm + Feb 14 matinee, 2pm
tix:website | 513-2121 x3576

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mar 6: Blue Like Jazz // Live, Jason Hildebrand

Based on the book Blue Like Jazz by acclaimed author Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz // Live is an innovative and revolutionary theatrical multimedia production developed and performed by Jason Hildebrand.

It is a personal, raw and humorous reflection on spirituality, God, and community. Blue Like Jazz // Live is an honest and unexpected journey - a scrapbook of one man's life.

The solo performance incorporates the use of film and computer-generated motion graphics.The graphics feature imagery rooted in Miller's book and provide a backdrop for the main action. Also featured an original jazz music soundscape by Juno award winning musician Paul Neufeld.

Jason Hildebrand is a professional actor, award-winning filmmaker and communication coach from Toronto, Canada. He has performed in theatre, film and television, and continues to tour the globe with his acclaimed solo performances. Jason also works with organizations, theatre and film companies and educational institutions in various capacities throughout North America and Europe.

Friday March 6th, 8pm
Tenth Church 11 W 10th Ave
info - / 604 876 2181 ext 209

$10 advance | $15 door | web

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Feb 28: Dvorak's Biblical Songs

Dvorak’s Biblical Songs

A vocal recital featuring Angelina Van Dyke and Eric Hominick. Funds raised will be donated to Genesis Vancouver, a long-term recovery and reintegration program for mothers with children seeking a way out of sexual exploitation.

Saturday Feb 28th at 7:30 pm
Grace Vancouver Church 1696 W 7th (at Pine)
Admission by donation – suggested amount $20 – tax receipt issued over $20
604 649-3289

Monday, February 02, 2009

HOLY MO renderings by Costume Designer Drew Facey

Check out these gorgeous renderings by Drew Facey, the fabulous costume designer for HOLY MO!

GUFF - The flunky. Guff was a tag along who became useful to the troupe. She is the technician, the orchestra, the scenery, and any bit part that Follie and Bufoona can't cover to complete the story. Guff primarily plays animals and inanimate objects. She continues to surprise Follie and Bufoona with new bits she has added to the show. She has a problem with an overactive saliva gland, which may be one of the reasons she doesn't speak. Guff wears overalls and mukluks, a cowboy shirt and a bolo tie. She has long black braids. She depends greatly on Bufoona and Follie as family and yet maintains a kind of distance. Her trademark is her guitar, Tulip, which she plays proficiently and harmonizes beautifully with a kazoo. Guff is a proletariat.

FOLLIE - The respected troubadour who runs the show. Tall and square, she wears a tattered tuxedo jacket with red and orange flourish, dark velvet pantaloons and tall gold boots. She is an utterly sincere visionary and finds great joy in the beauty of the stories she tells. She has a commanding rich alto voice, severe black hair, curly eyebrows and plays washtub bass and harmonica. She is a totalitarian.

BUFOONA - The fool. Bufoona is small, round, clownish and squeaky. She has a prized orange and gold ruff around her neck made from old curtains, complete with pompoms. She wears check pants that flair at the calf, brown leggings and sneakers with painted flowers. She loves an audience, sometimes for selfish reasons. Despite Bufoona's short attention span, small rebellions and mischief making, Follie knows she can count on Bufoona's genius to pull through. Bufoona is a banjo playing soprano and anarchist.