Friday, April 21, 2017

the wolves | opening night

Congrats to the cast and crew of THE WOLVES on their fantastic Opening Night last night. Only three more chances to catch this stunning play.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the wolves | apr. 20-23

This week our apprentices open THE WOLVES, the latest pulitzer prize finalist by Sarah DeLappe.

Stone's Throw Productions proudly presents
THE WOLVES by Sarah DeLappe

A pack of adolescent girls prepares for battle on the soccer field. As they grapple with everything from pop culture to politics, the girls establish their identities as individuals and as a team. The competition is fierce as the championship looms. Who will come out on top?

Audience Advisory: Strong Language and Mature subject matter. 15+ recommended viewing age.

April 20-22 at 8pm, Sun. April 23 at 2pm
Running Time: 90 mins.
Tickets: $15 in advance or at the door

Directed by Jamie King
Featuring Georgia Beaty, Nikki Bryce, Danielle Klaudt, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Kim Larson, Camille Legg, Paige Louter, Anjela Magpantay, Jalen Saip, and Amanda Sum.

Stage Management by Victoria Snashall, Lighting by Nicole Weismiller, Set/Props by Calvin Baker, Sound by Matthew MacDonald-Bain, Costumes by Hannah May, Photography by Catchall Photography, Videography by Emma Pollard


Sunday, April 16, 2017

apr 15 eve | testament set list


The Nazz (Lord Buckley) | Ron & Trio
Mr Prediction (David Rakoff, "This American Life") | Ron Reed
Hem Of His Garment (Sam Cooke) | Tom Pickett

It Isn't Easy ("Cotton Patch Gospel") | Allen Desnoyers, Spencer Capier

Carpenter's Son (Allen Desnoyers) | Allen
Upon This Rock (John Jeremiah Sullivan) | Ron
Saved Yourself (Corey Janz) | Corey

Kwuz (David Kossoff, "Book of Witnesses") | Ron
Strange Man (Dorothy Love Coates) | Kathleen Nisbett
Leo Bebb's Sermon (Frederick Buechner, "Open Heart") | Ron
Dweller By A Dark Stream (Bruce Cockburn | Jon Ochsendorf
Hugo (David Rambo, "God's Man In Texas") | Ron
When Love Comes to Town (U2) | Nelson & Tom


Easter Part 1 (Frederick Buechner, "Whistling In The Dark") | Ron
Mary (Patty Griffin) | Karly Warkentin
Leonard Cohen on Jesus | Ron
Boy Like Me (Rich Mullins) | Jeremy Vis

Judas (J.D. Salinger, "Catcher In The Rye") | Paige Louter
Peter & Matthew (Stephen Adley Guirgis, "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot) | Ron
By The Mark | Rachel Button & Nelson
Thomas (Stephen Adley Guirgis, "Judas") | Ron
I Am The Man, Thomas (Ralph Stanley) | Kathleen Nisbett
Samaritan Woman (Sheila Rosen) | Paige
Jesus Gave Me Water (Sam Cooke) | Nelson

Jesus Checks In For The Flight Home (Luci Shaw) | Ron, Paige, Tom
Old Ship Of Zion | Tom

Easter Part 2 (Buechner) | Ron
On The Third Day | Allen

bass | Mark Bender
drums | Rick Colhoun

Saturday, April 15, 2017

apr 15 matinee | testament set list


Sometimes During Eternity (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) | Ron & trio

Mr Prediction (David Rakoff) | Ron
Jesus Gonna Be Here | Tom Pickett
Leo Bebb's Sermon (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Jesus, Jesus (Noah Gundersen) | Rachel Button
Joy's Story (Shadowlands) | Jalen Saip
Hem Of His Garment | Michael Hart

My God / JCSS (Lucy Grealy) | Danielle Klaudt
Graduating from Sunday School | Ron
I Don't Know How To Love Him (Rice & Webber) | The Kwerks

Kwuz (David Kossoff) | Ron
Strange Man (Dorothy Love Coates) | Kathleen Nisbett
Hugo's Testimony (David Rambo) | Ron
When Love Comes to Town (U2) | Nelson Boschman & Tom


Easter Part 1 (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Mary (Patty Griffin) | Kwerks
Easter Part 2 (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Boy Like Me | Jeremy Vis

Judas (J.D. Salinger) | Paige Louter
Peter & Matthew (Stephen Adley Guirgis) | Ron & Chad Ellis
By The Mark | Rachel & Nelson
Judas (Paige Louter) | Ron
Old Ship Of Zion | Tom

Thomas (Stephen Adley Guirgis) | Chad
I Am The Man, Thomas | Kathleen Nisbett
Samaritan Woman (Sheila Rosen) | Paige

Jesus Gave Me Water (Sam Cooke) | Nelson

Jesus Checks In For The Flight Home (Luci Shaw) | Ron, Paige, Danielle, Tom
Heavenly Aeroplane / One Of Us | Kathleen / Michael
Face of Jesus | Ron

bass | Mark Bender
drums | Rick Colhoun
guitars | Jon Ochsendorf
hammond | Corey Janz

apr 14 | testament set list


Needed Time (Sam Lightin' Hopkins) | Peter La Grand
Mr Prediction (David Rakoff) | Ron Reed
Strange Man (Dorothy Love Coates)| Kathleen Nisbett
Kwuz (David Kossoff) | Ron

Dweller By A Dark Stream (Bruce Cockburn) | Jon Ochsendorf

That One Man Should Die (Rudi Krause) | Rudi
By The Mark | Karly & Nelson

My God / JCSS (Lucy Grealy) | Danielle
Graduating from Sunday School | Ron
I Don't Know How To Love Him (Rice & Webber) | Kwerks

Leo Bebb's Sermon (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Say A Prayer (Peter La Grand) | Peter
Hugo's Testimony (David Rambo) | Ron
When Love Comes to Town (U2) | Nelson & Tom


Easter (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Mary (Patty Griffin) | Karly Warkentin
Judas (J.D. Salinger) | Paige Louter
Peter & Matthew (Stephen Adley Guirgis) | Ron & Tom
Old Ship Of Zion | Tom
Thomas (Stephen Adley Guirgis) | Ron
I Am The Man, Thomas (Ralph Stanley) | Kath
Judas (Paige Louter) | Ron
Judas (Peter La Grand) | Peter
Samaritan Woman (Sheila Rosen) | Paige
Jesus Gave Me Water (Sam Cooke) | Nelson

Jesus Checks In For The Flight Home (Luci Shaw) | Ron, Paige, Danielle, Tom
Heavenly Aeroplane / One Of Us | Kathleen / Kwerks
Face of Jesus (Frederick Buechner) | Ron

bass | Mark Bender
drums | Rick Colhoun
guitars | Jon Ochsendorf
hammond | Chris Hawley

Friday, April 14, 2017

easter hours

(Danielle is only talking about the office. The box office is open Saturday, for TESTAMENT.)

apr 13 | testament set list


Costume Dream | Ron Reed
Jesus Gonna Be Here (Tom Waits) | Tom Pickett
Bebb's Sermon (Frederick Buechner, "Open Heart" | Ron
Say A Prayer | Peter La Grand
Hugo (David Rambo, "God's Man In Texas") | Ron
Jesus On A Greyhound (Shelby Lynne) | Lee Aaron

Mr Prediction (David Rakoff, This American Life: Episode 241) | Ron
JFK and Jesus | Paige Louter
Jesus Gave Me Water (Sam Cooke) | Nelson Boschman
Peter and Matthew (Stephen Adley Guirgis, "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot") | Ron & Tom
Mary (Patty Griffin) | Zaac Pick
Easter (Frederick Buechner, "Whistling In The Dark") | Ron
Hem Of His Garment (Sam Cooke) | Tom Pickett


Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top) | Lee Aaron
Judas (J.D. Salinger, "Catcher In The Rye") | Ron
Judas | Peter La Grand
Judas (Paige Louter) | Ron
Salome (Diane Tucker) | Danielle Klaudt
Wake Up Dead Man (U2) | Zaac Pick
To Know Him Risen (Luci Shaw) | Ron
I Am The Man, Thomas (Ralph Stanley) | Kathleen Nisbett
they shall see God (Luci Shaw) | Ron
Joy's Testimony  (William Nicholson, "Shadowlands") | Jalen Saip
When Love Comes to Town (U2) | Lee Aaron & Tom Pickett

Sometimes During Eternity (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) | Ron & trio
To Be Alone With You (Sufjan Stevens) | Peter La Grand
Jesus Checks In For The Flight Home (Luci Shaw) | Ron, Danielle, Paige, Jalen
Heavenly Aeroplane / One Of Us (Joan Osborne) | Kathleen
Face of Jesus (Frederick Buechner, "The Faces Of Jesus") | Ron

The other musicians
bass | Mark Bender
drums | Rick Colhoun
guitars | Jon Ochsendorf, Jim Flaming
hammond | Chris Hawley

Thursday, April 13, 2017

testament | featured artists | mark bender & nelson boschman,

We had a great opening of TESTAMENT last night! Come join us tonight for more stories and songs about Jesus. And check out the talented musicians joining us for the remainder of the show!

Mark Bender

"I'm excited to perform in Testament because I get to play with very talented Christian artists. We have a chance to retell Jesus's journey to the Cross in a spontaneous, exciting way!"

Mark Bender has been an acoustic and electric bass player for over forty years, enjoying a wide variety of performance experiences. He has toured with a Top 40 rock band, played in numerous dance and jazz groups, gives private lessons, and has gained both TV and recording experience. Mark has played abroad in both Japan and Germany, and has over twenty recording project credits. He keeps his classical bass playing current by continuing to play in the New Westminster Symphony Orchestra and the Brock House Orchestra.

Mark’s talents are in increasing demand. Along with JucoJive, he plays in the greater Vancouver area with a variety of other jazz groups, including the Doe Bender Trio, Pensativa, Wanda Nowicki, as well as Bob Liley's Sanctuary All Stars and the Urbana big band. Mark demonstrates his versatility by also playing with the folk fusion band Illiteratty and the classical ensemble Fluterrific.
Mark truly enjoys working with creative people, and appreciates how music can capture and stimulate a wide range of emotions, often in a very intimate or spontaneous way. He can hardly wait to see where music will take him next!

Nelson Boschman

Nelson Boschman has been playing jazz, folk, and pop piano throughout Greater Vancouver since 1997. His group, the Nelson Boschman Trio, was formed while in the Jazz Studies Program at Capilano College in North Vancouver, BC (Canada) and has enjoyed playing at various coffeehouses, restaurants, weddings, benefits, corporate functions, and Jazz Vespers services. The group's creative, interactive style is influenced by the piano trios led by Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau, and appeals to a wide audience.

Boschman has recorded two CDs as a composer/arranger/bandleader to date. KEEPING TIME, Vol. 01 was released in 2004. KEEPING TIME Vol. 02 was released in August 2007. Both have received airplay on CBC radio’s HOT AIR and TONIC programs, and can be purchased on iTunes.

Vancouver jazz great Brad Turner has the following to say about Boschman’s work:

Nelson Boschman is a pianist of taste and refinement. Not one to waste notes, his solos are thoughtful, and beautifully crafted. His recording “Keeping Time” displays his considerable talents as a composer and arranger, and the performances by all musicians involved are top-notch.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

testament | featured artists | zaac pick & rachael button

Zack Pick

"Like most people, I feel I've become too familiar with the Easter story — it seems to have been tamed in a way by so many glitzy tellings — but Ron and Co. have a way using a story's lesser-known characters to reveal some larger truths we might have missed. I'm excited to be a part of it!"

With a reputation for captivating lyrics and haunting melodies, Zaac Pick has been quickly gaining acclaim across the country and beyond. While sharing stages with the likes of Bahamas and The Civil Wars, his songs have been featured on numerous primetime TV dramas. The cinematic folk songs on the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter’s latest release Constellations examine the interconnected people in our lives — as Pick’s unique voice and intimate story-telling sets the stage for a show not to be missed.

Rachael Button

"I'm really looking forward to performing with Pacific Theatre for Testament. Easter is my favourite time of year, and this year it's made even better by performing with such talented and creative people. Thanks for having me!"

Rachel Button is a British singer, Songwriter, fiddle player and vocal coach. She is at the forefront of the British folk music scene and has been privileged to perform at The Royal Albert Hall, The Roundhouse, Kensington Palace and The Great British Folk Festival. Rachel’s music swept her across the atlantic to North America where she now resides in Vancouver BC.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

testament | photos

Our talented friends are getting ready for TESTAMENT, opening tomorrow night at 8:00 pm. Come join us for an evening of songs and stories celebrating Jesus and his life. For tickets call 604.731.5518 or visit

testament | featured artists | Breanne McDaniel & Lee Aaron

TESTAMENT opens tomorrow night at 8:00 pm! Today's featured artists are Breanne McDaniel and Lee Aaron.

About Breanne:

Bre McDaniel's voice has been described as "magic on toast". While studying visual arts at Emily Carr University, she discovered she also needed to write songs; and so, her music projects retain a painterly detail in the way she crafts sonic palettes, images and story. Her recent EP has "an ethereal but intimate dream-folk sound," (Georgia Straight) and her roots in Canadian acoustic music are close by. Her mother was also a singer/songwriter and they share a birth date on an annual meteor shower called the Tears of St Lawrence. Bre can't help but draw, paint and sing about life as it happens in her hometown of Vancouver, and has begun touring Western Canada in support of her release, "Light Pollution". “McDaniel proves she has the tools to transcend the limits of folk music on Light Pollution; she channels the light into something beautiful.” – Gray Owl Point
insta: @bremcdaniel

About Lee Aaron:

"Being a long time fan of the work presented at Pacific Theatre, I'm honored to be part of Testament. I love how these shows come together in such an organic way, take a few risks and don't shy away from celebrating life and faith with all their complexities."

To sum up Lee Aaron’s career in one paragraph is a near impossible task. This Canadian singer, songwriter and producer first garnered international acclaim with her sophomore release Metal Queen, an anthem of feminist empowerment that won her iconic status with legions of rock fans around the world. She then went on to have critical and commercial success in the late 80’s and 90’s with chart-topping rockers like Whatcha Do To My Body, Hands On, Only Human and Some Girls Do.

While she is best known for her unique brand of melodic hard rock and being a trail blazer in the women's rock movement of the 1980's, Aaron has stepped outside the rock arena throughout the course of her career and performed jazz, blues and even opera to rave critical reviews. With a catalogue of 13 albums and over a million in sales in Canada alone, this formidable artist has been nominated for ten Juno Awards, won the CMPA Songwriters Award, a Much Music Video Award and an Ampex Golden Reel Award
“Chart” Magazine proclaimed Aaron’s BodyRock LP one of the 20 most influential Canadian albums of the 80’s, with artists like Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrisette and Shania Twain “under Aaron’s influence.”

Lee performed at Pacific Theatre for the first time as part of Christmas Presence 2016.

Monday, April 10, 2017

testament | featured artists | the kwerks & garth bowen

TESTAMENT opens Wednesday evening and runs for one week only! Come celebrate Holy Week with our PT family. Today's featured artists were last seen on our stage in December when they performed in CHRISTMAS PRESENCE.

The Kwerks

"We're really looking forward to coming back and joining in the fun at Pacific Theatre for Testament. It's always a fun experience collaborating with the other artists to put together a really unique show on the fly. Ron leads it so well and really infuses magic into each performance. It's an honour to be included."

About The Kwerks:

"I'm quitting my job and I'm pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a rock star. In my 30s. After having "settled down". After marriage (well, during, actually), mortgage, career, kids, dog, and everything else that comes with those. And yes, it's a bit crazy. Oh, and Ryan's doing it with me."

In the spring of 2015, Laura had an epiphany - a suppressed dream unearthed itself and made its way to the front and centre, and she, along with her husband, Ryan, dove in head first. She left her career, sent her previously homeschooled kids to school, and took up her guitar.

The many months that ensued have been pretty wild, and The Kwerks have made a splash wherever they've tested the waters. They put out their self-titled debut EP in April 2016 and have been heard on college radio across the country and blasted out the windows of many a happy car.

Their music is a mix of folk-pop, bluegrass and a bit of country. Their live performances are peppered with sassy dance moves by Ryan and cheeky stories flowing from their 17 years of life together. They have a way of making audiences laugh to tears, and leave happier than a bunch of carrot-filled bunnies.

Together and separately, they've been compared to The Weepies, Will Ferrell, Sarah Harmer, and The Beatles. Only some of that statement is true, actually. Sometimes The Kwerks will make things up to make a joke. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes the pair performs as a duo, and sometimes they bring their whole band along for a full-bodied experience. Either way, they bring loads of fun to the stage with music that has been described as "fresh", "unique", and "catchy". Packed with rhythm, the songs are written by Laura, and pack in about as much authentic honesty as you can handle in one sitting. Some of them will make you cry. Others will make you laugh and want to dance. Either way, you'll be an emotional mess by the end of the set. The Kwerks apologize for that, but kind of like it.

The Kwerks were nominated for a Fraser Valley Music Award in Summer 2016 in the POP category. They have performed on stages throughout the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, and beyond.

Laura and Ryan Koch live in Langley, BC, are parents to three young girls, and have a dog named Oscar. They do life with pizazz and a good dose of humour.

Vocals, Guitar / Laura Koch
Vocals / Ryan Koch
Mandolin, Banjo, Accordion, Flute / Gregg Porter
Electric Guitar / Jay Rennicks
Bass / Jonathan Perkins
Drums, Percussion / Tim Dyck

Laura and Ryan Koch are a married couple, parents to three kids and one family dog. They live in Langley, BC and while they’ve been making music together since they first met at summer camp in ’99, nearly two decades later they have taken the plunge and begun hitting the local music scene as “The Kwerks”. Laura has been playing and writing music on the piano and guitar since her childhood and Ryan has an extensive background in musical theatre. In November 2015, they shot a commercial making use of their quirky music, which aired during the Greg Cup 2015, in the theatres, and during a variety of other major television events.

Laura Koch has been playing and singing since she was a wee thing. As a child she loved to sit and create songs with her voice and her piano, and was NOT interested in having anyone listen! Over the years, she honed her skills and built up her courage to be rather more open to sharing music with those around her. Taking up the guitar and mandolin in her teen years encouraged her songwriting further, and over the next few years she played mandolin, piano and sang with Pneuma, a band that spun off Keats Camps on the Sunshine Coast, as well as being a part of the A.S.A.P. band at North Shore Alliance. She then moved on to be a regular leading music at The Church at Southpoint. In the summer of 2015 she found the direction, passion and guts to forge out into the music world as a singer-songwriter, dubbing herself and her husband "The Kwerks”. Their debut, self-titled EP was released in April 2015.

Ryan Koch is Laura’s faithful sidekick in music. Backing her up with vocals and the odd interpretive ribbon dance, he provides the pair with a good dose of humour to work with. As a young adult, Ryan spent a year traveling with Up With People performing a musical across the United States and Europe. Ryan has a great passion for musical theatre, and has played various roles in community theatre productions around the lower mainland over the past several years. He also has a Vine account (tag: JRK) through which he expresses his artistic crazy side - acting, singing, and dressing up as a sheep.


Garth Bowen

"I’m always up for the gestalt improvisational impact that these Pacific Theatre particulars bring to my psyche. Also, I just like joining in with these faithful path plodders."

About Garth:

Garth Bowen is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and music educator. After growing up in Vancouver – Kitsilano, Garth moved to Richmond where he worked for many years performing and teaching music. After completing a degree in Jazz Education Garth became increasingly passionate about teaching students to perform, improvise and compose music. After 34 years of teaching music with the Richmond School District, he retired and now serves as an adjunct professor with the Faculty of Education at UBC. In his spare time Garth enjoys recording in his studio and helping others with their musical recording projects. Playing music with friends is always a joy and something Garth intends to sustain. He has self-recorded a warm and folky Christmas record entitled, “A Single Birth” (2008) and is currently working on another record of inspired originals. He hopes to have many more opportunities to teach and make music with talented people. Contact Garth at if you are interested in recording, performance or creative collaboration.

Friday, April 07, 2017

valley song | closing weekend | photos

The staff at Pacific Theatre would like to extent a big congratulations and thank you to the cast and crew of VALLEY SONG! The show closes tomorrow evening at 8pm. Call 604.731.5518 or visit to book your closing weekend tickets.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

valley song | responses

W're in our final week of VALLEY SONG. Here are some media responses to the show.

Valley Song plays March 24-Apr 8, 2017 at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, BC

"David Adams is tender and nuanced as both grandfather and author. His rage is a prism containing a rainbow of feelings that seem to tumble just beneath the surface. It is Sereana Malani though who highlights the show. Oscillating between sad country matron and joyful hero, her range is as subtle as it is wide. Coupled with a voice that stole the air from the room, she is a theatrical feat waiting to happen... Valley Song is a story of acceptance. Of who you are, what you want, and what your duty is to yourself and others. Like a humble primrose, Valley Song isn’t showy. It’s just true. And there’s a great deal of beauty in that." | Chelsey Stuyt, Vancouver Presents

"Jovanni Sy’s production, originally produced for Richmond’s Gateway Theatre, offers a clear and moving snapshot of that transitional moment in a few people’s lives." | Jerry Wasserman, VancouverPlays

"Sereana Malani, who is playing Veronica, delivers the most thorough transformation I’ve seen from her. Not only does the character’s tricky South African accent tumble out of her like music, Malani brings charming playfulness and grit to the role. And the scene in which Veronica tenderly calms Buks, who has mistaken her for her dead mother, is moving. David Adams also does solid work as Buks and the Author. The moment in which Buks falls into old patterns of submission when addressing the white man is sharply painful." - Colin Thomas

"A well-executed performance for sure, this, that will appeal to thoughtful folks wanting some wee insight into the world of South Africa, old and new." | Baird Blackstone, Broken Leg Reviews

"An entertaining, thought-provoking story of love, loss and the inevitability of change." | Judy Robb, My Van City

testament | line ups

One week until TESTAMENT opens at Pacific Theatre! Come join us as we celebrate Jesus' life with songs and stories about the one and only!

April 12 (8:00 pm)
The Kwerks, Garth Bowen, Breanne McDaniel, Brett Ziegler

April 13 (8:30 pm)
Lee Aaron, Peter La Grand, Zaac Pick, Chris Hawley

April 14 (8:00 pm)
Peter La Grand, The Kwerks, Karly Warkentin, Spencer Capier, Chris Hawley

April 15 (2:00 pm)
Michael Hart, The Kwerks, Rachel Button, Corey Janz, Spencer Capier

April 15 (8:00 pm)
Allen Desnoyers, Rachel Button, Karly Warkentin, Corey Janz, Spencer Capier

**Every night we’ll have: Tom Pickett, Nelson Boschman (pno), Kathleen Nisbett (fiddle), Jon Ochsendorf (gtr), Rick Colhoun (drums), Mark Bender (bass), and Ron Reed.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

valley song | senior and student night

Tonight is student and senior night at Pacific Theatre! If you are studying or 65+, head on down to Pacific Theatre and enjoy VALLEY SONG for only $20.00. Call 604.731.5518 or visit to order your tickets.

the shape of a girl | Stone's Throw Productions | april 26-29

Lindsay Curl first fell in love with THE SHAPE OF A GIRL during her first year at the University of Victoria. This touching story has tugged at her heart strings for six years, and she's finally bringing it to life on the PT stage at the end of April.

Following on the heels of THE WOLVES, we're excited to announce the next Stone's Throw Production: THE SHAPE OF A GIRL by Joan MacLeod, running April 26-29, 8:00pm at Pacific Theatre. Pay-what-you-think-it's-worth after the show. Tickets at the door, festival seating.

"Gripping, eye-opening and heart-wrenching. Stone’s Throw Productions ignites a thought-provoking exploration on bullying and violence between young girls. In this one-woman show, fifteen-year-old Braidie recounts the bullying she has seen within her own friend group from childhood through to adolescence. She is a bystander who reacts as many people do – looks down and says nothing. Based on the tragic Reena Virk murder, The Shape of a Girl by Joan MacLeod is an important reminder of the scary progression of bullying, the long-lasting damages it can cause, and how doing nothing contributes to the circle of violence."

Featuring Lindsay Curl
Directed by: Shelby Bushell
Stage Management by: Maddison Silva
Sound Design by: Ryan Scramstad
Lighting Design by: Kougar Basi
Set and Costume Design by: Paige Louter
Marketing and Communication by: Amanda Millar
Photo by: Jayda Paige Photograph