Tuesday, June 27, 2017

june 28-july 1 | danny and the deep blue sea | paige louter

DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA by John Patrick Shanley, opens tomorrow at 8:00 pm! Come out and support current apprentice, Paige Louter on her final project. For tickets visit our website at pacifictheatre.org or call our box office at 604.731.5518. See you tomorrow night!

Battered, bruised, and desperate for connection, Danny and Roberta collide in a grimy bar in the Bronx. As they battle their pasts and each other, they must decide if they dare to lower their defenses and risk truly being seen. From the playwright of Doubt and Outside Mullingar, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is a violent, funny, and intimate portrait of two broken people fumbling toward hope.

John Patrick Shanley is a New York-based American playwright, screenwriter, and director. His work has garnered him the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, a Tony Award, and an Academy Award, among many other honours. Shanley has written more than 23 plays which are produced around the world. Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, his second play, premiered in 1983.

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is subtitled “An Apache Dance”, which is a violent dance for two, originating in Paris. The dance is a grueling ordeal in which the woman pursues the man and is subjected to increasingly violent rejections. Danny turns this dynamic on its head- Danny and Roberta trade blows and swap the roles of pursuer and pursued. Shanley dedicated this play “to everyone in the Bronx who punched or kissed me, and to everyone whom I punched or kissed.”

Directed by Kenton Klaassen
Featuring Paige Louter and Joel Butler
Stage Management, Lighting and Props Design by Phil Miguel
Sound Design by Shona Strutters
Set and costume design by Paige Louter

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

june 21-24 | between the sheets | danielle klaudt

BETWEEN THE SHEETS by Jordi Mand, opens tonight at 8pm on the PT stage! Come out an support current apprentice, Danielle Klaudt and PT artist, Kerri Norris as they bring this story to life. Call our box office or visit our website at pacifictheatre.org to book in your tickets. See you tonight!

What begins as an ordinary parent teacher interview unravels into a gripping and raw confrontation between two women on the brink of disaster. One woman is fighting to protect her family. The other is fighting for the family she always wanted. A roller coaster ride about love, betrayal, and right versus wrong.

ADVISORY: Sexual content, mature language.

“A stunning new play from a gifted playwright.” – The Slotkin Letter

Directed by Laura McLean. Featuring Danielle Klaudt and Kerri Norris.

Friday, June 16, 2017

pt's guide to the jessies 2017

The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards ceremony is just over a week away! Many PT artists were nominated for their outstanding work in productions around town. As always, here is your PT-friendly guide to the Jessies! Congratulations, everyone! Your PT family is cheering you on!

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role
Katharine Venour, WIT, Pacific Theatre
Past Pacific Theatre productions: WIT (2016), MEASURE FOR MEASURE (2014)

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Craig Erickson, ANGELS IN AMERICA: MILLENNIUM APPROACHES, The Arts Club Theatre Company
Past Pacific Theatre productions: LEAVE OF ABSENCE (2013)

Andrew McNee, ROMEO AND JULIET, Bard on the Beach
Past Pacific Theatre productions: THE SEAFARER (2014), JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN (2011)

Outstanding Lighting Design
Itai Erdal, MOONLODGE Urban Ink
Past Pacific Theatre productions: JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN (2011), GODSPELL (2010)

John Webber, PERICLES, Bard on the Beach
Past Pacific Theatre productions: (Lighting Design) HOLY MO! A CHRISTMAS SHOW! (2016), FREUD’S LAST SESSION (2015) (Set Design) WIT (2016)

Outstanding Set Design
Drew Facey, BROTHEL #9, Touchstone Theatre
Past Pacific Theatre productions: VALLEY SONG (2017), THE WHIPPING MAN (2015)

Pam Johnson, BAKERSFIELD MIST, The Arts Club Theatre Company
Past Pacific Theatre productions: (Costume Design) COMMUNION (2013)

Lauchlin Johnston, THE FLICK, The Arts Club Theatre Company
Past Pacific Theatre productions: (Lighting Design) OUTSIDE MULLINGAR (2017), WIT (2016), THE WHIPPING MAN (2015)

Outstanding Costume Design
Carmen Alatorre, PERICLES, Bard on the Beach
Past Pacific Theatre productions: GODSPELL (2010)

Sound Design or Original Composition
Steve Charles, MOONLODGE, Urban Ink

Steve Charles, OTHELLO, Bard on the Beach
Past Pacific Theatre productions: (Musician) OLD TIME GOSPEL (2014)

Outstanding Direction
Katrina Dunn, BROTHEL #9, Touchstone Theatre
Past Pacific Theatre productions: PRODIGAL SON (2006)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

eastside story guild is hiring!

Our friends at The Eastside Story Guild are hiring two positions for September 2017! They are currently looking for one or two fabulous people to join their team. Check out their website for more information.

stone's throw productions | 3 for $30

Looking for some summer evening fun? Why not check out the Stone's Throw Productions shows coming up on our PT stage? Better yet, come see all three shows for only $30! Check out our Stone's Throw Productions page on the PT website for more information, or call our box office at 604.731.5518 from 12-4 pm to book your tickets today!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2016-2017 season retrospective

The final performance of OUTSIDE MULLINGAR marked the closing of our 2016-2017 MainStage season! We've had a fabulous year with all of you and look forward to seeing you again for our 2017-2018 season. Here are some highlights from this past season.

by Cara Norrish

Photos featuring: Carl Kennedy, Andrew Wheeler, Corina Akeson, Chad Ellis, and Evelyn Chew 

by Maki Yi

Photos featuring: Maki Yi

by Lucia Frangione

Photos featuring: Lucia Frangione, Anita Wittenberg, Jess Amy Shead


Photos featuring: Spencer Capier, Garth Bowen, Corey Janz, Jon Ochsendorf, John Voth, Nelson Boschman, Becca Birkner, Rick Calhoun, Zack Pick, and Carolyn Arends

by David Mann

Photos featuring: Nicola Lipman, Stefania Indelicato, Colleen Winton, Christina Wells Campbell, Kaitlin Williams, Elizabeth Kirkland, Corina Akeson, Michelle Martin, Evelyn Chew, Paige Louter, Danielle Klauwt, Lindsay Curl


Photos featuring: Lindsay Curl, Danielle Klaudt, Cara Cunningham, Paige Louter, Frank Nickel, and Phil R. Miguel

by Athol Fugard

Photos featuring: David Adams and Sereana Malani


Photos featuring: Tom Pickett, Mark Bender, Ron Reed, Nelson Boschman, Rick Colhoun, and Jon Ochsendorf

by John Patrick Shanley

Photos featuring: Ron Reed, Rebecca deBoer, John Emmet Tracy, and Erla Faye Forsyth