Friday, May 30, 2014

espresso | discussion guide

We've done all our talkbacks and discussion groups for ESPRESSO, but know that a lot of people are still looking for more ways to engage.  If that's you, check out our discussion guide (pdf)!  It's full of extra background information on the show and artists, as well as some discussion questions and quotes to get your conversation started.

Discussion Guide PDF available here.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

throwback thursday | the passion project

It's been a while since our last Throwback Thursday!  Here's a reminiscence of that time we completely rebuilt our stage for a multimedia theatre experience when we brought in Ried Farrington's THE PASSION PROJECT from New York for the PuSh Festival.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

jul 12 | makoto fujimura

I'm very much looking forward to this one. I've been hearing about Makoto Fujimura for some years now - primarily as a remarkable artist who is also a Christian, but also because of his work networking artists of faith. I'll be there: wouldn't miss it. Join me.

Sponsored by IMAGE Journal

espresso | on the weather network

This morning we got up bright and early to invite Arda Ocal from The Weather Network into our space to talk about ESPRESSO and our rain feature.  Here's one of the segments where Production Manager Frank Nickel discusses the inner workings of how we make it rain on stage.

Monday, May 26, 2014

espresso | theatre club | pictures

This past Saturday we hosted our largest Theatre Club ever! Over 30 people stuck around after ESPRESSO to chat about the show and share their experiences. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us, and big thanks to apprentice Pippa for facilitating. We've had a fabulous year engaging in these conversations with our audience members. Look for Theatre Club to be back next year! 

If you're interested in reading the Espresso discussion guide, you can find it here

espresso | song of solomon

ESPRESSO is inspired in large part by the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon), a book in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. This is a unique text in the scriptures, as it references no law, wisdom, or teachings of God. Instead it represents the voices of two lovers praising and yearning for each other.  While there are many ways to look at this text, here are some of the most common interpretations and breakdowns. 

Some notes on Song of Songs/Song of Solomon
  • The Song of Solomon is often interpreted as an allegory for God’s relationship with his people, especially in Jewish traditions.
  • In Christian tradition it is also considered a romantic song celebrating sexual intimacy between husband and wife, as well as an image for Christ as the bridegroom to his Church.
  • The original title, Song of Songs, uses the repetition of “songs” as a superlative, showing it as the most beautiful of all songs.
  • There is little agreement among scholars about whether there is a unified story or intention from the book, as it is very fragmented and may be written by different authors or about different people.

Structure of the Song of Songs
  • Introduction
    • names the piece as the Song of Songs and introduces the lovers
  • Dialogue between the lovers
    • the two lovers speak to each other, offering compliments and flirtations invitations to one another
  • The woman addresses the daughters of Jerusalem
    • the woman speaks to a group of women she calls the “daughters of Jerusalem”, describing her nighttime search for her lover that turns out to be a dream
  • Sighting of a royal wedding procession
    • a wedding procession for King Solomon is described
  • The man describes the woman
    • he describes his lover and her beauty, comparing her to a “locked garden”, and she invites him to enter and eat the fruit
  • The woman addresses the daughters of Jerusalem
    • again she recounts a dream of seeking her lover to the women, and recounts his attractive features
  • The man describes his lover, who visits him
    • this part is considered possibly corrupt
  • The beauty of the woman is praised
    • outsiders praise her
  • Appendix
    • the woman compares love to death – it is relentless and jealous

Sunday, May 25, 2014

in this city music video | sheree plett

Sheree and Jeremy have moved away from Vancouver, we're sad to say. To someplace beautiful and rural and - most important - affordable, to raise their family and do carpentry and write music.  But they promise us they'll come back to visit - hopefully especially around Christmas Presence time!  And meanwhile, here's a video they sent our way...

new christmas album | carolyn arends & spencer capier

If you've been around Pacific Theatre for awhile you've likely heard Carolyn Arends performing at Christmas Presence. Carolyn and Spencer Capier are currently raising funds to record a new Christmas album called Christmas: Story of Stories. Many of the songs on the new album were inaugurated at or inspired by Christmas Presence! Have a look at what they have planned for this exciting project at their campaign page

june 1 | poetic justice | diane tucker

Pacific Theatre supporter and friend Diane Tucker will be a featured reader at upcoming Poetic Justice reading. 
Poetic Justice is a weekly gathering of poets to promote poetry, friendship and networking within the poetic literary community. Featured poets and open mic welcome everybody to join in the entertainment and camaraderie. On June 1st Poetic Justice will feature Candice James, Kyle McKillop, Diane Tucker with host, Alan Hill. 

          Jun 1 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
          The Heritage Grill, Back Room

Saturday, May 24, 2014

theatre club | espresso | sat may 24

Today is our last Theatre Club of the season. If you're attending today's matinee of Espresso, stick around after the show to delve deeper into this beautiful play. Discussion guides and refreshments will be provided. We're looking forward it!

Theatre Club | Espresso
Saturday May 24th at approx 4:15pm - following the matinee

Discussion guide can be found here

Friday, May 23, 2014

espresso | board member night | photos

This week Pacific Theatre's Board hosted a community building evening for a group of board members from other local theatre companies. Everyone was first treated to a coffee tasting led by JJ Bean experts, followed by a performance of Espresso and a talkback with Ron, the cast and the artistic team. It was a wonderful evening spent connecting with other leaders in our theatre community. A big thank you to JJ Bean, the cast of Espresso and PT's tireless board who work so hard to help make PT great. Here are some photos from the event:

2014-2015 season artwork

If you haven't been by the theatre yet to see ESPRESSO you probably haven't had a chance to see the amazing artwork for our 2014-2015 season.  Once again we worked with artist and photographer-extraordinaire Emily Cooper to create something unique and evocative.  Check it out!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

may 30 | studio series 005 | we make stuff

If you are interested in a feast of art and inspiration join our friends at WeMakeStuff this month! 

We’ve invited five incredible local creatives to give us a glimpse of their work and why they do it. Ask anyone who has attended a previous Series event, and they’re bound to tell you that inspiration is guaranteed from these amazing manifestations of artistic community.
Studio Works features an art gallery with pottery produced by residents of the Downtown Eastside. Come and join us on Friday night, May 30 at 7:30pm!
Featuring: Chris Janzen, JK Agudo, Brian Liu, Cheryl Bear, and Shelimar Lakowski. 

Studio Series 005
7 pm - Friday, May 30
Mission Possible Studio Works
335 Princess Avenue, Vancouver
$10 at door (suggested donation)
More info here

may 7 - june 21 | i, claudia | rosebud theatre

Rosebud Theatre was so impressed with Natalie Gauthier's final student project I, CLAUDIA that they decided to include it in their season! If you are in southern Alberta in the next while you should check it out! Or you can help her put the show on the road through her indiegogo campaign. 


She’s 12-¾ and knows more than you think. Starting May 7, audiences are invited to meet Claudia an “official pre-teen” full of heartbreak and humour in Rosebud Theatre’s I, CLAUDIA. A remount of Rosebud School of the Arts graduate, Natalie Gauthier’s final project, it is a one-woman show performed in mask, that was so amazingly performed, Rosebud Theatre wants to share it with everyone!

I, CLAUDIA is the story of a twelve year old girl, who hides in her school’s boiler room with her fish, and reflects upon the stories of her loving grandfather, her parents, new stepmother, and the school’s custodian. Gauthier describes the play, “Claudia's hilarious and endearing perspective on some pretty tough life circumstances is refreshing. She makes it safe to see the tragedy in our own lives with the same gentleness, humor and sorrow that she does. There's so much compassion and so much to laugh about in the midst of so much difficulty that at the end of it you feel like it's safe to laugh and to cry in the midst of your own unbearable difficulties.”

It is a one-woman show presented in mask and Gauthier actually changes costumes and masks on stage, illustrating the progression of story and change of characters. The play was written and originally performed in 2001 by Toronto actress, Kristen Thompson, and has garnered critical praise, including winning the 2001 Dora Mavor Award for Best New Play.

May 7 - June 21
BMO Studio Stage, Rosebud Alberta
Box Office: 1-800-267-7553
idiegogo campaign

pt at the jessies | 2014 nominations

We had an amazing time at the Jessies nominations party yesterday!  As announcer Dawn Petten put it - in some ways the nominations party is the best part of the Jessies, since it's just about celebrating everyone.  And we have a lot to celebrate!  PT got 14 nominations this year for THE SEAFARER and  THE FOREIGNER, plus a lot of our "PT artists" were honoured for other work.  Here's the rundown.

All the 2013-14 nominees. Photo by Lois Dawson.

John Voth - Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
Peter Carlone - Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Erla Faye Forsyth - Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Lauchlin Johnston - Outstanding Set Design
Evan Frayne - Outstanding Direction
Outstanding Production


Ron Reed - Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
John Emmet Tracy - Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
Tim Dixon - Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Drew Facey - Outstanding Set Design
Sydney Cavanagh - Outstanding Costume Design
Luke Ertman - Outstanding Sound Design
Anthony F. Ingram - Outstanding Direction
Outstanding Production


Christopher David Gauthier was nominated for his body of work, which includes costumes for MEASURE FOR MEASURE.  Also from MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Emmelia Gordon and Julie McIsaac got acting nominations.  John Webber designed set and lights for COMMUNION on our stage, and was nominated for his work on ART and EXCEPT IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT OF WAR (written by PT artist Sean Devine).  Last time Gordon Roberts was on our stage was in THE SPITFIRE GRILL, and now he was nominated as a part of the orchestra for FLOYD COLLINS.  Horeshoes & Hand Grenade's Mindy Parfitt was nominated for the direction of ARMSTRONG'S WA.  More PT actors got nominations: you've seen Bob Frazer (THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT), Kayvon Kelly (MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD), and Sebastian Kroon (MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD) on our stage, and they were all nominated for their work.  Chelsea Haberlin will direct our apprentices next month and she was nominated for KILLER JOE, Richard Wolfe has directed at PT a number of times, most recently bringing THE MEAL to our stage, and he also got a nod.  Steven Greenfield was a part of the SPITFIRE GRILL gang, as was Caitriona Murphy, and they both got nominations as well - Steven for musical direction and Caitriona for her acting.   Then of course, there's the 7 other nominations that Drew Facey received, including one for Outstanding Body of Work, and Lauchlin Johnston's other set design nomination for KILLER JOE.

And that's just the surface!  There are a huge number of nominated artists in Vancouver this year and so many more that may not have received a nomination, but were truly excellent.  Congratulations to EVERYONE who made theatre happen in Vancouver this year!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

espresso | weekday matinee

Tomorrow is the weekday matinee for ESPRESSO!  Take a mini-vacation to another world with us this Thursday afternoon.

ESPRESSO by Lucia Frangione
Weekday matinee: Thursday, May 22 at 2pm
To book: or 604.731.5518

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

espresso | opening night photos

We hope you all had a great long weekend!  Over at PT, we had a fantastic opening of ESPRESSO.  Here's some shots from the opening night reception.

Friday, May 16, 2014

espresso | video trailer

Check out this stunning trailer for ESPRESSO made by Ryan Alexander McDonald. What a great way to celebrate opening!

espresso | opening night

Tonight we open the show that closes our 30th anniversary season!  (I know, I know, it's a weird sentence and I just couldn't help myself.)  Huge congrats to the team behind ESPRESSO - your hard work is done, now let's enjoy the ride.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

espresso | pay-what-you-can preview AND international fluevog day

Today is the pay-what-you-can preview for ESPRESSO and it's the inaugural International Fluevog Day!  What with Fluevog sponsoring ESPRESSO, it's all come together like we planned it.  Come on out tonight and get some Fluevog swag with your tickets!

Also, as a twist of fate, our director, Sarah Rodgers, is a HUGE fan of Fluevog Shoes, and was stopped on the street last week by a photographer looking to capture her walking works of art!  Check out this cool shot of her footwear.