Monday, June 30, 2014

pt summer mode

We're about to get quiet for the summer - there will still be the occasional post and update, but the staff have gone off to recuperate from the year and get ready for another one.  Emails and messages will be checked a couple of times a week, and Cara will be on top of all enquiries about the Summer Theatre School (email her directly:

We'll keep posts going about summer activities, but otherwise we'll all have some fun in the sun!  Can't wait to see you in October - maybe a group meeting to share what we did over the summer?

Friday, June 27, 2014

the tolkien-lewis new play project | indiegogo launch

CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien wrote some of the most beloved stories of the past century, and for years Ron has been fascinated with their friendship.  Now he's writing a play about them, but since Pacific Theatre's play-development funds are tied up in other artists, he needs your support.  Check out this Indiegogo campaign.  There are a lot of cool perks to choose from, and you get to be a part of Ron's "fellowship" for this project.

Check out The Tolkien-Lewis New Play Project HERE.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

PT Teens | Meet Camp Assistant Pippa!

Pippa Johnstone was one of PT's three apprentices this season and you may have seen her on stage in MEASURE FOR MEASURE. And you can see her this summer in her final apprentice project GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES. Pippa has been a camp leader for many years and has signed up to help Kerri teach our PT Teens Theatre School!

Pippa is a local actor in Vancouver who has been working at Pacific Theatre this past year since finishing her BFA at UBC. She was last seen in Measure for Measure with the Honest Fishmongers Theatre Co-op and Whose Life is it Anyways with RealWheels Theatre, and will be next in Gruesome Playground Injuriesin July on the Pacific Theatre stage. She is so thrilled to be a part of the Pacific Theatre summer camps this year and can’t wait to meet all the kids!

Did you go to summer camp?
Summer camp was always a huge part of my life – I went to overnight camp in Squamish from 8 years old, and worked at that same camp for many summers. I also spent many summers at Bard on the Beach Young Shakespeareans and Arts Umbrella theatre summer camps.

What is your favorite part about summer?
In Vancouver? How do I pick just one? Sunshine, beach days, biking and ice cream.

What is your favorite Theatre game?
Hmm…probably charades! Or really anything that involves guessing and teamwork.

What’s your favorite movie?
You ask tough questions! Maybe Forrest Gump? Or if we are keeping it classic…Lion King.

If you could be a kid again for one day, how would you spend your day?
Probably like this young lady…

It is not too late to sign your kids up for the PT Teen or KiDS Theatre School. Email Cara at with any questions, or register today by calling 604-731-5483.

When: July 7th-11th (KiDS) & July 14th-18th (Teens), 9:30am-2:30pm
Where: Pacific Theatre – 1440 W 12th Ave 

(corner of 12th & Hemlock)
Who: Kids ages 9-12 or Teens ages 13-15 who love to perform!
How much: $200(including GST) per child
(Family discount – each additional child from the same household is $150)

More info about the camp can be found here!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

espresso | artistic director notes

Our season closer has closed. But I feel like posting one last thought - to put a period at the end of that final paragraph in the story of our 30th Anniversary Season. So here: my notes on that marvel of a play, ESPRESSO.

When I think back on Espresso's debut at Pacific Theatre, so much comes back with clarity. The story, its authenticity and rawness. Specific moments. The array of vivid characters. Images. Even a decade later, so much remains. But what hit me earlier this spring when I turned again to the script was the language. This is first and foremost a play, a performance piece, meant to live and breathe and move on a stage. But – and I feel this more strongly than with any of the dozens of works we've premiered at Pacific Theatre – it is also a work of literature. The words, the turns of phrase, the shape and juxtaposition of sentences.

When I think back to January 2003, I also remember the people whose sacrifices brought the play to the stage in the first place. The company was in a dire situation financially – in fact, it was a play of mine, Mercy Wild, that got us there! – and it looked unlikely that we could even stage another play. But we knew we had to honour our commitment to Lucia's play, and Scott Campbell found a way. He trimmed the costs as far as they could be trimmed. He talked with artists – the design team, technical crew, actors, stage management, everyone – and let them know that we wouldn't have the money to pay them. People refused to leave the show, and worked for free, or for a pittance of what they had contracted for. Seasoned professionals like Morris Ertman and Kevin McAllister simply committed to get the play onstage, regardless of their pay. Scott worked crazy hours, long into the night, up ladders and in the tunnels, it seemed almost single-handedly doing whatever was needed to make up for the crews we couldn't afford to hire.

Espresso blew the walls out. It made up all the money we had lost on my play, and then some. And we were able to go back to the artists whose sacrifices put the play onstage, and pay them. Extraordinary.

And I remember the response. The audiences – before long, you couldn't get a ticket. Our fellow artists, the Jessie jury, the critics – I'll never forget the closing paragraph of Colin Thomas' review, which I can nearly quote from memory. "Espresso deserves many, many more productions. Artistic directors from across the continent should be flocking to Vancouver to experience it."

So here we go, offering one more of those well-deserved productions – the culmination of our thirtieth anniversary season. Nothing could better embody the essence of Pacific Theatre – like a five-course Italian feast, served up with love and passion and artistry from Lucia's kitchen. Food for the soul.

Buon appetito!

pt at the jessies | 1994-2014

Jessie Richardson Awards
1994/95 - 2013/14
20 seasons of eligibility
106 Pacific Theatre nominations
33 nominations for artists presented or sponsored by PT
winners in boldface (2013/14 awards to be announced June 23)

1994-95 (6 nominations)

Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth
Supporting Actor: Dirk Van Stralen

Director: Morris Ertman
Musical Direction: Allen des Noyers
Ensemble Cast: Spencer Capier, Allen des Noyers, Tim Dixon, Ron Reed,
Wyndham Thiessen

Set: Morris Ertman, Damien

1995-96 (2 nominations)

Musical Direction: Scott Hafso
Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth

1996-97 (4 nominations)

Set: Bruce Repei
Lighting: Bruce Repei

Actor: Dirk Van Stralen, Mass Appeal
Ensemble Cast: Lucia Frangione, Erla Faye Forsyth, Anita Wittenberg, Holy Mo

1997-98 (4 + 4 nominations)

Actress: Miriam Brown
Supporting Actress: Linda Bush
Sound: Steven Bulat

Actor: Dirk Van Stralen, The Nerd

A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (Building Bridges)
Director: John Juliani
Actor: Terry Jang Barclay
Supporting Actor: Hiro Kanagawa
Set: Robert Gerow

1998-99 (4 nominations)

Actress: Gina Chiarelli
Lighting: Kevin McAllister
Set: Morris Ertman

Actress: Miriam Brown, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

1999-2000 (8 + 2 nominations)

Production: Pacific Theatre
Director: Morris Ertman
Actor: Jeremy Tow
Supporting Actor: Tom Pickett

Costumes: Christine Hackman
Actress: Tiffany Lyndall-Knight
Set: Kevin McAllister

Original Composition: Allen des Noyers, Dreams of Kings & Carpenters

Actress: Sharon Heath, Quilters (Quilters Co-op)
Actress: Katharine Venour, Saint Joan (Candlelight)

2000-2001 (2 nominations)

Musical Direction: Karen Parent, Tent Meeting
Supporting Actress: Carolyn Tweedle, The Foreigner

2001-2002 (2 + 1 nominations)

Original Play or Musical: Lucia Frangione
Actor: Dirk Van Stralen

Sydney Risk Award, Emerging Playwright: Lucia Frangione

2002-2003 (10 nominations)

Supporting Actress: Trish Pattenden
Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth

Production: Pacific Theatre
Original Play: Lucia Frangione
Actress: Lucia Frangione
Actor: Todd Thomson
Set: Kevin McAllister
Lighting: Kevin McAllister
Critics' Choice: Espresso

Supporting Actor: Ron Reed, God's Man In Texas

2003-2004 (2 + 1 nominations)

Performance, TYA: Paul Moniz de Sa
Performance, TYA: Julia Mackey

Supporting Actor: Bob Frazer, The Glass Menagerie (Liffy)

2004-2005 (4 + 1 nominations)

Supporting Actor: Corina Akeson
Set: Kevin McAllister
Costumes: Nicole Bach

Supporting Actor: Kyle Rideout, Halo

Actor: Rick Dobran, The Domino Heart (Section 8)

2005-2006 (17 + 5 nominations)

Production, Small Theatre: Pacific Theatre
Direction: Morris Ertman
Actor: Ron Reed
Actress: Katharine Venour
Set: Dale Marushy
Costumes: Nicole Bach

Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth
Supporting Actor: Kyle Rideout
Costumes: Nicole Bach
Significant Artistic Achievement, Props: Francesca Albertazzi & Lauchlin Johnston

Production, Large Theatre: Touchstone Theatre & Pacific Theatre
Original Script: Shawn MacDonald
Direction: Katrina Dunn
Supporting Actor: Bob Frazer
Supporting Actress: Camille Beaudoin
Lighting: John Webber
Sound Design or Original Composition: Paul Moniz de Sa

ELEPHANT MAN (Five Bob Equity Co-Op)
Production, Small Theatre
Supporting Actress: Annabel Kershaw
Lighting: Adrian Muir
Costumes: Sheila White

Gordon Armstrong Playwright's Award winner: Lucia Frangione
(For LEAVE OF ABSENCE, which Lucia is developing for Pacific Theatre in partnership with the Playwrights' Theatre Centre)

2006-2007 (8 nominations)

Production: Pacific Theatre
Director: Angela Konrad
Actress: Alexa Devine
Actor: Craig Erickson
Supporting Actor: Kerry Vander Griend
Supporting Actor: Duncan Fraser

Costumes: Nicole Bach

Set: Kevin McAllister

2007-2008 (2 + 2 nominations)

Supporting Actor: Paul Moniz de Sa
Sound: Stephen Bulat

Actor: Ron Reed
Costumes: Tracy Wright

2008-2009 (1 nomination)

Supporting Actor: Ron Reed, Mourning Dove

2009-2010 (4 nominations)

Set: Lauchlin Johnston
Lighting: Lauchlin Johnston
Actor: Terence Kelly

Costumes: Naomi Sider, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

2010-2011 (10 + 12 nominations)

Significant Artistic Achievement: Curation and Execution of an Outstanding Season of Theatre

Director: Anthony F. Ingram
Actor: Michael Kopsa
Actor: Tom Pickett
Set: Drew Facey
Lighting: Lauchlin Johnston

Costumes: Naomi Sider
Sound/composition: Luke Ertman
Set: Lauchlin Johnston

Director: Angela Konrad
Actor: Rob Olguin
Actor: Carl Kennedy
Lighting: Itai Erdal

Director: Richard Wolfe
Actress: Gina Chiarelli
Sound/composition: David Mesiha
Set: Michael Schaldemose
Lighting: Michael Schaldemose

Sam Payne Award, Most Promising Newcomer: Evan Frayne (Pacifc Theatre apprentice)

2011-2012 (10 + 2 nominations)

Co-Production with Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Director: John Langs
Actor: Andrew Wheeler
Actor: Evan Frayne
Projection Design: Jason H. Thompson

Co-Production with Pound Of Flesh, Rumble, NeWorld, Cultch
Actor: MIchael Kopsa
Actor: Marcus Youssef
Actress: Dawn Petten

Supporting Actress: Leslie Lewis Sword

Set: Brian Pollock

Annunciation Pictures
Director: Jason Goode
Actor: Aleks Paunovic

2012-2013 (2 + 3 nominations )

Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth

Supporting Actor: Chris Lam

Actress: Julie McIsaac
Supporting Actor: Kayvon Kelly
Sound Design: James Coomber

2013-2014 (14 nominations)

Outstanding Production
Director: Evan Frayne
Actor: John Voth
Supporting Actor: Peter Carlone
Supporting Actor: Erla Faye Forsyth 
Set: Lauchlin Johnston

Outstanding Production
Director: Anthony F. Ingram
Actor: John Emmet Tracy
Actor: Ron Reed
Supporting Actor: Tim Dixon
Set: Drew Facey
Costumes: Sydney Cavanagh
Sound: Luke Ertman

pt at the jessies | 2014

What a great night!  We always love joining with our friends and colleagues to celebrate the year of theatre in Vancouver, and last night was no exception.  We were thrilled to see John Voth, Peter Carlone, and Erla Faye Forsyth recognized for their roles in THE FOREIGNER, as well as the team of THE SEAFARER take the prize for Outstanding Production!  Here's some shots from the night.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.  In other friends-of-PT news, we were thrilled to see our friends at Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre win the Critic's Choice Innovation Award for their production of THIS STAYS IN THE ROOM, Itsazoo and Chelsea Haberlin (currently directing our apprentices Pippa and Kenton in GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES) took Outstanding Production for Small Theatre with KILLER JOE.  Frequent PT director Richard Wolfe received the John Moffat & Larry Lillo Award as well as Outstanding Direction for INSIDE THE SEED (featuring our friend Carl Kennedy).  Emmelia Gordon, who played in MEASURE FOR MEASURE won for her role in DISSOLVE.  Plus Drew Facey, nominated for THE SEAFARER, won for his designs for ART, PENELOPE, and body of work in Theatre for Young Audiences.

For the full list of nominees and winners, visit the Jessies Page, or read about the awards in the Straight, Sun, and the Globe and Mail.

Monday, June 23, 2014

30 for 30 campaign | WE DID IT! 107.7% Raised!

In case you haven't heard, this is our 30th anniversary season!  We're closing off with a bang with ESPRESSO as well as a fundraising goal of $30,000.  We are already halfway there with a matching grant for $15,000, but we'll only get it if you help bring us the rest of the way.  Track our progress below and see where your gift fits in!

300+11+500+150+6.5+10+15+100+20+100+25+2+150+150+5+11+150+150+150+30+1000+10+75+150+150+20+75+50+50+5+19.95+2+19.95+21+100+300+3000+20+63+20+36+5+150+100+500+40.40+500+77.50+50+100+10.40+31.5+63+31.5+31.5+12+100+300+160+200+100+400+200+250+30+50+100+31.5+500+20+39.90+36+100+100+25+105+10+31.5+100+100+150+100+30+48.05+30+2500+1000+1000+500 = $17,322.15

Add the Match of $15,000.00 and you get ... 

 $32,322.15 RAISED!  WE DID IT!!! 
We have maxed out our matching grant and made 107.7% of our goal!  

But it doesn't need to end there.  Still want to contribute?  It's not too late.
 Here's a link...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

PT Teens | Meet Camp Assistant Kenton!

Kenton Klassen was one of PT's three apprentices this season and you may have seen him on stage in OLD TIME GOSPEL RADIO HOUR. And you can see him this summer in his final apprentice project GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIESFortunately, Kenton also loves working with kids and has signed up to help Kerri teach our PT Teens Theatre School!

Kenton grew up all over western Canada and  eventually moved to Vancouver to pursue an acting career in film and theatre. He discovered early on that there is nothing more exhilarating than the actor's process. Kenton studied theatre in the B.F.A. Acting program at the University of British Columbia and has been a Company Apprentice at Pacific Theatre this past season. Recent credits include The Seafarer, Old Time Gospel Radio Hour (Pacific Theatre), Autobahn (Stone's Throw), The Canadian Badlands Passion Play (CBPP), Rhinoceros, Dancing at Lughnasa, The Duchess a.k.a. Wallis Simpson (Theatre at UBC). Upcoming projects include Gruesome Playground Injuries (Stone's Throw), August in the Spring (Satellite), The Rainmaker (Pacific Theatre). 

Q&A with Kenton:

Did you go to summer camp?
Yes, almost every summer growing up! Many of my favourite childhood memories are from camp and I remember counting the days until summer break just so I could get to camp!! 

What is your favourite part about summer?
Being outdoors. I love the being out in nature, taking a book or a script to the beach and just spending the day outside. It's also when I get to see my family so that's awesome too. 

What is your favourite Theatre game?
My favourite theatre game would probably be the most terrifying one where you have to improvise the scene from the play without the script and using your own words. Definitely scary but can bring out some really helpful stuff. 

What’s your favourite movie?
Other than Lord of the Rings? Magnolia. 

If you could be a kid again for one day, how would you spend your day?
I could really go for another snowball fight. You know the ones where you build a fort out of snow and then make a stash of snowballs and have a full on war. Oh wait.. this is Vancouver.. you might not know what I'm talking about.. but trust me, it's the best. 

It is not too late to sign your kids up for the PT Teen or KiDS Theatre School. Email Cara at with any questions, or register today by calling 604-731-5483.

When: July 7th-11th (KiDS) & July 14th-18th (Teens), 9:30am-2:30pm
Where: Pacific Theatre – 1440 W 12th Ave 

(corner of 12th & Hemlock)
Who: Kids ages 9-12 or Teens ages 13-15 who love to perform!
How much: $200(including GST) per child
(Family discount – each additional child from the same household is $150)

More info about the camp can be found here!

throwback thursday| 2013-2014 season retrospective

Our 2014-2015 season has come to a close, and it hasn't taken us very long to get nostalgic.  Here's a  Throwback Thursday retrospective on our 30th anniversary season.










Wednesday, June 18, 2014

crime and punishment

Apprentice Ryan Scramstad is getting ready for his year-end project!  Here are the details on his production of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT.

an adaptation by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus
based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
June 26-28 at 8pm
PWYC Preview June 25

Described as a “conversation on the nature of evil,” Crime and Punishment is the story of Raskolnikov, a university dropout obsessed with a theory and ravaged by poverty. Fighting a battle between his justification for committing a horrific crime and the guilt which stalks him, Raskolnikov searches for absolution. With a police inspector hot on his trail and an unlikely friendship with a compassionate prostitute ever in his thoughts, Raskolnikov relives the events surrounding his actions in this psychological drama.

The play is performed without an intermission and runs 90 minutes.

Tickets available here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

carolyn rapanos | set design | gruesome playground injuries

Carolyn Rapanos is busy at work designing a beautiful, innovative set for GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INURIES here at PT! You might recognize her elegant designs from OLEANNA (Bleeding Heart Theatre), OLD CURIOSITY SHOP (United Players) and is nominated for a Jessie this year as a part of the design team for JACK AND THE BEAN (Presentation House Theatre). Get a sneak peek of her work, and learn more about this up-and-coming talent here!

How did you first get involved with Gruesome Playground Injuries?

Pippa and Kenton contacted me, having worked with me back when we were studying theatre at UBC. Strangely enough, I had been approached about a year ago about designing for the same show but the project didn't pan out, so I had read the script and was already excited about the opportunity to design for it!

(Carolyn's design for Dancing at Lughnasa at UBC)

What is your favourite part about the play as a designer?

One of my favourite parts is the transitions - each scene takes place years apart and portrays different injuries, which means the characters have to become younger and older and damaged in different ways right in front of the audience. I wanted to bring visual focus to this in the set design. I was inspired by the feel of the script to find a bold, stylized motif that would also facilitate the action of the play. I started playing around with the look of weaving cotton tape because I liked the visual suggestion of bandages or even playground netting. Weaving this material together became a simple and direct way to bring visual focus to how the two characters' lives intertwine.
(An early sketch of her GRUESOME set design)

What is the biggest challenge this play presents as a designer?

My favourite parts of plays are also often the most challenging. The transitions present a logistical challenge in that each scene takes place in a different location and that the audience must sit through each transition. My goal is to make the transitions seamless and visually interesting while remaining part of the entire set composition.

If you could describe the play in three words, what would you use?

Intimate, bold, quirky

See more of her designs here.

Check out more about GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES and the rest of our summer series here!

Friday, June 13, 2014

a walk in the thai sun | book launch | gjc mckitrick

Want to read a terrific novel? Want to win $100? As well as being a long-time PT fan, Greg McKitrick wrote a play called Unplugged: The Musical, which we workshopped one summer with Michael Hart Ruth Dallas Rich and me in the cast. I was also in a writers group with Greg, and he regularly brought in chapters of his novel A WALK IN THE THAI SUN. Well, the novel's just been published! Check it out, post a review and get entered in a draw to win a C-note! (Ron)

I’ve just released my first novel, A WALK IN THE THAI SUN, and I’m having a contest to celebrate this event. The concept is simple. Read the book and post a two or three sentence review—longer if you like–on Then send me an email through my website confirming that you’ve done so, I will check to see that the review is there and then enter your name in a draw for a $100.00 Amazon gift certificateMore information here. - GJC McKitrick

by  CJC McKitrick
Retired Vancouver Police officer Sam Watson has little use for religion.  When his only son, Jeff, commits to missionary service in Thailand, Sam is understandably upset.
An uneasy long distance relationship continues until the unthinkable happens: Jeff is murdered.  The mission organization wants nothing to do with the investigation and the Thai Police seem unable or unwilling to solve the crime. Sam finds himself in Thailand seeking his son’s killer but also grappling with loss, culture shock and, ultimately, the meaning of his son’s short life

Thursday, June 12, 2014

throwback thursday | driving miss daisy

In the 2007-2008 season we "went to the movies", producing a year's worth of plays that had been made into films.  The season kicked off with DRIVING MISS DAISY, directed by Sarah Rodgers (director of ESPRESSO), featuring Erla Faye Forsyth, Tom Pickett, and Paul Moniz de Sa.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

espresso | costume design

In a show like ESPRESSO, the costume design can come across as deceptive in its simplicity, but there is still a lot of time and thought that goes into the design.  Below are the preliminary research pictures our designer, Naomi Sider, came up with, as well as some of her thoughts on what she wanted to do with the designs.

Some notes from Naomi on the final design:
For Lucia's first dress, I wanted to bring in some vibrant colour. The set is full of metallic colours and hard edges, like the world Rosa sees that is suddenly dangerous for our fragile selves. In contrast to that, I chose for her a bright teal colour that is a flowy rayon. In the midst of Rosa's crisis she is a living, sensual being. The colour choice seemed like it was meant to be when we found the exact shade of green-blue in our shoes.

For the second dress, the colour was determined by the script. Some design decisions for that dress came from the functional necessities of being dressed onstage by another actor. It could not be fussy. The simple lines ensure that Rosa is the focus of our attention, and they reflect her grief.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

gruesome playground injuries | christopher david gauthier | costume design

Christopher David Gauthier is an award-winning, constantly-creating costume designer who is almost as excited about designing GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES as we are to have him on our team. Christopher’s work was last seen at PT for MEASURE FOR MEASURE, in GA TING with the Frank Theatre company, PROOF at Mnemonic Theatre, and he is nominated this year for a Jessie for Outstanding Body of Work in Costume Design for Small Theatre. 

How did you get involved with Gruesome Playground Injuries, and Pacific Theatre?

Pippa Johnstone asked me as we were working on The Honest Fishmongers' production of Measure for Measure presented at Pacific Theatre. So I said, sure I'll read it, but I was a bit leery about a co-op/low budget production at this point, but Pippa was a draw, Kenton is charming and [director] Chelsea Haberlin and I had been talking about working together so it had all that.
Then I read it.
And I said yes immediately.
The script is achingly beautiful, as well as dark, fiercely funny, and brutally honest.

(Pippa in Christophers's designs in Measure for Measure.)

What is your favourite part of Gruesome Playground Injuries as a designer?

Can't pick just one - I guess "the team", the actors are great, Chelsea is beautifully focused, and is open to discussion, nurturing of creativity, and Carolyn Rapanos's set design is in and of itself gorgeous, simple, evocative, and will integrate the costumes (hooray!).
But wait - the script is fantastic. Truly.
In fact it's one of the few scripts I've read that I just got immediately, on a really deep level, and my admiration for the clean, spare writing just grows and grows.

What are the specific challenges of working on Gruesome Playground Injuries?

Well, there are lots of time shifts as it covers 30 years, and it has been decided that it all needs to happen onstage, but in essence we (and especially Chelsea) have turned that into a plus. It does have to happen onstage, it makes sense, and it helps the design. So we limited the palette, and came up with a simple idea that I think will be effective AND theatrical. And it turns out the injuries which look crazy difficult at the beginning seem not so wild once you are into it (additionally make-up/blood products are fantastic and very user friendly today.)

If you had to pick one year for clothing between 1984 and 2014, which styles or trends would you pick & why?

As a designer while there are things I like and dislike in fashion/styles of every time but I don't like to pick a favourite time/era, I think it can end up limiting you either consciously or unconsciously.
For this play we are less concerned with period, there is a bit of timelessness we are aiming for, as the pieces need to be interchangeable for the show.
Unrelated to the show I do have a huge fondness for Cyndi Lauper's taste as it's developed, she's always been able to grab the key elements in any period and make them her own. I like that, taking the current and making it personal. I dislike the tendency to judge a period you didn't live through. Of course it looks weird to you!

If you could describe the play in three words what would you use?

Honest, Pithy, Bittersweet.

There you have it folks. Come see this genius' designs in action at GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES here at Pacific Theatre running July 3-12th.

 Find more info about the show, and the rest of our summer series here.