Monday, February 26, 2007

Feb 27 - Mar 3: The Secret Life Of Joseph Finch (Chutzpah Festival)

First day of rehearsal for GRACE, just finished the table reading and I'm struck with how it resonates with the themes of THE QUARREL - the holocaust, theodicy, all that. Then this email from dramaturg/director Rachel Ditor, raving about a show in the Chutzpah Festival...
Hi all,

I never do this so imagine how strongly I must feel.

Last night I saw The Secret Life of Joseph Finch, written and directed by Serge Bennathan and performed by Jonathon Young. It’s a stunning piece of theatre. The writing is vivid and the staging and performance uncommonly detailed and virtuosic. Jonathon’s physical and textually dexterity is remarkable. Though it is the story of a holocaust survivor the play’s content and imagery has a boisterous sense of humour and breathtaking beauty; it’s about home, heredity, fathers and sons; it’s riveting. I left feeling genuinely inspired. A great gift.

Below are the show times. Go see it.

Norman Rothstein Theatre
Tuesday Feb. 27th: 8:00pm
Wednesday Feb. 28th: 8:00pm
Thursday March 1st: 9:00pm
Friday March 2nd: 1:30pm
Saturday March 3rd: 7:00pm

Tickets: 604.257.5145
Or online:

Hope this finds everyone well.


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