Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brooke Anderson, "Presence"

Just received an email from Brooke Anderson, who did the Christian Imagination course with me at Regent a year or two ago. She recently completed a mural project ath the Women's Prison in Abbotsford, and there's a six minute video up at YouTube (called "Presence" In Prison) about the project. Mostly you just get to watch the painting take shape - a rare privilege for those of us who aren't visual artists, to get a chance to observe the process.

At her website there are a number of works on display, as well as word of upcoming gallery showings in the Philippines, Nagasaki Japan, and at the Roundhouse (October 2-4) and the Lookout Gallery at Regent College (this fall).

"Brooke Anderson's work is powerful, and has the quality of being at ease with itself, is lyrical, beautiful, at certain moments expansive and at others detailed. Her paintings display a naturalness and vitality that are filled with a sense of light and a transcendent vision." Dr Lindsay Farrell, Head of School of Arts and Sciences, Australian Catholic University

The first two images posted above are "Presence" and "Sonata." The third is from "Creation Series"

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