Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nov 6: DRIVING MISS DAISY Stage & Screen Evening with Jan Kiesser

I've invited cinematographer Jan Kiesser to join me for the first of our Stage & Screen Evenings at Pacific Theatre, on Tuesday November 6. We'll take a close look at scenes from the Academy Award-winning film version of DRIVING MISS DAISY, and find out how stage artists interpret the same material in three dimensions in the intimate setting of Pacific Theatre. (There's more about our production here.

Jan Keisser has lensed over 70 films in an extraordinary range of visual styles, including the mythic scope of BEOWULF & GRENDEL, the tongue-in-cheek retro horror look of FIDO, the high camp of REEFER MADNESS, urban gloss and high-speed street car racing in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT (kind of a souped-up DRIVING MISS DAISY?), Twenties urbanity in MRS PARKER AND THE VICIOUS CIRCLE, and so many more.

Together, we'll take a close look at how the same story is told in two very different media. We'll talk about the elegant script and the gorgeous performances (how could we not!), but mostly we'll focus on what's in front of our eyes: how do visual artists help tell the story? How do they show us what to look at, and shape our perception of the events unfolding on the stage or screen?

We'll also talk about whatever else you want to talk about in the show - as well as what Jan and I have in mind, it'll just be an open conversation about DRIVING MISS DAISY, stage and screen.

It should be a marvelous night - the first of many this season! I can't wait.

Ron Reed

Call our box office for tickets - 731-5518 - or order online. And thanks to Pacific Theatre's friends at Rhema Industries, sponsors for this event!

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