Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nov 14: Kathleen Norris at VAG

Remembering, Waiting and Hoping: The Countercultural Pursuits of Christmas
Kathleen Norris
Wed Nov 14, 7:15
Vancouver Art Gallery

On November 6, 13 and 14, Socrates in the City, Regent College, Imago, and Image Journal are hosting a thought-provoking talk in New York, Toronto and Vancouver. Bestselling author and award-winning poet Kathleen Norris will present the lecture entitled: “Remembering, Waiting and Hoping: The Countercultural Pursuits of Christmas.”

“Remembering, waiting, and hoping are essential practices for spiritual growth and for understanding Christmas,” says Kathleen, “yet they are increasingly difficult to practice in a culture dedicated to forgetting, hurrying, and being cynical. The Advent and Christmas seasons are meant to help us regain our balance.”

Kathleen Norris’ talk will employ etymology, poetry, and personal narrative to explore these three pursuits as a way to better appreciate both the Christmas season, and what it means to maintain a life of faith in today's troubled and violent world.

The event is also something of a book launch for God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas. Contributors to the book include Eugene Peterson, Richard John Neuhaus, Luci Shaw and Kathleen Norris.

I suspect this event could fill right up, so you may want to jump over to the rsvp section of the website and sign yourself up.

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