Monday, February 02, 2009

HOLY MO renderings by Costume Designer Drew Facey

Check out these gorgeous renderings by Drew Facey, the fabulous costume designer for HOLY MO!

GUFF - The flunky. Guff was a tag along who became useful to the troupe. She is the technician, the orchestra, the scenery, and any bit part that Follie and Bufoona can't cover to complete the story. Guff primarily plays animals and inanimate objects. She continues to surprise Follie and Bufoona with new bits she has added to the show. She has a problem with an overactive saliva gland, which may be one of the reasons she doesn't speak. Guff wears overalls and mukluks, a cowboy shirt and a bolo tie. She has long black braids. She depends greatly on Bufoona and Follie as family and yet maintains a kind of distance. Her trademark is her guitar, Tulip, which she plays proficiently and harmonizes beautifully with a kazoo. Guff is a proletariat.

FOLLIE - The respected troubadour who runs the show. Tall and square, she wears a tattered tuxedo jacket with red and orange flourish, dark velvet pantaloons and tall gold boots. She is an utterly sincere visionary and finds great joy in the beauty of the stories she tells. She has a commanding rich alto voice, severe black hair, curly eyebrows and plays washtub bass and harmonica. She is a totalitarian.

BUFOONA - The fool. Bufoona is small, round, clownish and squeaky. She has a prized orange and gold ruff around her neck made from old curtains, complete with pompoms. She wears check pants that flair at the calf, brown leggings and sneakers with painted flowers. She loves an audience, sometimes for selfish reasons. Despite Bufoona's short attention span, small rebellions and mischief making, Follie knows she can count on Bufoona's genius to pull through. Bufoona is a banjo playing soprano and anarchist.

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