Friday, July 24, 2009

Jul 18 - Aug 2: COMEDY OF ERRORS, Shadows & Dreams

I had a blast at A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, S&D's inaugural production in the park two summers ago, with Frank Nickel, Kerri Norris, Stephen Elcheshen, Mark Vandenberg and others.

Shadows and Dreams Theatre Company
July 18 - Aug 2
Queen's Park Bandshell, New Westminster, 1st Ave & Queen's Park

Join Shadows and Dreams for Shakespeare's earliest and most farcical comedy, set to the sounds of the Big Band era, and filled to the brim with mystery, music and mayhem.

When Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse set out to find their long lost twin brothers, they expected a family reunion, not a family disaster. But when they find their brothers without realizing it, and are mistaken for them by a whole town, a disaster is exactly what they have. Before long they've misplaced a thousand marks, they've accidentally stolen a gold chain, and have suddenly acquired wives (and children!) that they have never met before today. And soon both pairs of brothers are on the run, from the law, the mobsters, their wives, a sultry jazz singer, and a sinister mountebank, all the while racing against time to save a father that none of them even know is in danger.

Saturday July 18th, August 1st - 3pm
Sunday July 19th - 2pm
Saturday July 25th - 4pm
Sunday July 26th - 2pm
Sunday August 2nd - 2pm

Admisson is Free
Info: 604 515-0704 |

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