Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kathleen Nisbett: Nov 4 performance, Wed fiddle classes

Kathleen Nisbett is a fiddle player who's been around PT from time to time over the years - not Spencer Capier, the other one. Much cuter. Anyhow, she sends this note...

Hello Friends!

Just a little note to let you know about a couple of things I am involved in coming up...

1 - I will be playing an opening set at LITTLE MOUNTAIN STUDIOS Wednesday NOV 4th at 8:30 pm with my bandmate, banjo and guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Charles. We will be opening for Antlers and Anchors.
"Antlers and Anchors is the hairy "alt-folk" musical beast of Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer Michael-Owen Liston, performed by the same. Finding joy in many different musical milieux, Antlers and Anchors wanders happily through the pastures of contemporary chamber-folk, en route to twiggy thickets of various roots musics. Genre lines are gently trampled underhoof, as Michael's improvisational sensibilities collide with his unique clawhammer banjo style.
As a doublebassist and banjoist, Michael has performed with a colourful cast of songwriters, poets, and musical ensembles of all sizes and stripes from across Canada."

2 - I am teaching a regular BEGINNER FIDDLE WORKSHOP at the Native Friendship Centre EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 5PM. We are starting with the very basics of fiddle playing, Tuning, Bowing, Basic Technique and playing some simple tunes. We will progress towards playing tunes for Métis Dance. We meet just before the Louis Riel Dancers workshop at 5:30pm. So if you're interested in some traditional métis dance, you can stick around for the dance workshop with Yvonne Chartrand and the Louis Riel Dancers. This Fiddle Workshop is a "pay what you can" so if you have a fiddle lying around and don't know what to do with it, you've got nothing to lose! Tell your friends!

Native Friendship Centre
E. Hastings at Commercial Dr.
Every Wednesday at 5pm Main Meeting Room
for 1/2 hour

Hope to see you soon!


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