Saturday, April 03, 2010

April 3 & 4: Falling Out: Hard Feelings in Mixed Mediums

A little piece of shameless self-promotion here (because all those posts I do about PT's work aren't shameless self-promotion but shameless workplace promotion...) My side-project company, Xua Xua Productions is co-hosting a two-night performance piece: FALLING OUT: HARD FEELINGS IN MIXED MEDIUMS. It's similar in format to THE PASSION PROJECT with the audience on their feet milling around and the multimedia performance action happening all around them. I'll be doing choreography and dancing in this one!

hard feelings in mixed mediums

A live performance experience on the theme of departures. Letters, poems and monologues set against an evolving backdrop of film, music and dance. Contributions from the audience via text messaging. A unique and spontaneous theatre event over two nights.

Directed and conceived by Josh McNorton
Co-directed by Dani Bryant
Music by persono trio (Shawn Cole, Michelle Faehrmann, Josh McNorton)
Choreography by Andrea Loewen
Production Design by Noel Planet

Performances by Veronica Campbell, Andrea Loewen, Katie Miller, Nick Poisson, Nevada Yates Robart, Jason Yau

APRIL 3 & 4

The Beaumont Studios
316 West 5th, Vancouver

Opening night party featuring DJ Revise
Original artwork by
Jeff Denomme of Haunted Zoo

$6 advance, $8 door

Purchase tickets in advance at

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