Monday, July 26, 2010

jackie faulkner | no sex please, we're british

Jackie Faulkner's an actress (and choreographer - remember the Queen number in I WAS MEANT FOR THE STAGE?) who's around PT a lot, a TWU grad. Here's her latest show!

Royal City Theatre Company
No Sex Please, We're British

White Rock's Coast Capital Playhouse, Jul 29 - Aug 1
Waterfront Theatre, Aug 3-28
Evergreen Arts Centre, Sep 21-26

Tickets & Showtimes

"No Sex, Please is a typical British farce, with a very thin plot that follows the desperate efforts of a young married couple (Jarrod Terrell and Becky Hachey) and their nerdy bank-clerk friend (Sam Gordon) to dispose of unsolicited pornography. Keeping it away from his nosey mother (Wendy Bollard), the pompous bank manager (Douglas Newell) and the visiting police inspector (Adrian Hughes) is bad enough, but when the good-time girls (Nicole Smashnuk and Jackie Faulkner) show up, the silliness slides into sheer hilarity. Alan Cedargreen portrays the hapless visiting bank inspector, Mr. Needham. This talented cast handles the physical comedy very well, and makes the most of this farce." Surrey Now

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