Thursday, February 03, 2011

feb 21 | fallen angel screening | randy stonehill performance

If they add eat and tweet, I'm there!

Premier theatrical screening of the Award-winning documentary
Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman
Live music with Randy Stonehill (Larry Norman’s best friend)
Feb 21 | 7PM
Gracepoint Community Church | 3487 King George Boulevard | Surrey

Combine the onstage magnetism of Mick Jagger, the lyrical brilliance of Bob Dylan and the fragility of Brian Wilson, and you would have only begun to scratch the surface of Larry Norman.
Experience an evening of forgiveness and witness a glimmer of grace against the backdrop of moral failure. Includes a Q&A with the director of the film, David DiSabatino, and a meet & greet.


Local Producer/Contact: Bill Hogg - 604-996-1034


Walter Görlitz said...

I'll bring the chips, you bring the Twitter account!

Anonymous said...

Pure garbage. Imagine if Mark David Chapman made a movie about John Lennon. To see the truth about this hackjob attack film about a musical genius, go to

If you like lies, gossip, and smear tactics, see this film. If you are a Christian, or interested in the truth, avoid it. It's crap.

Ron Reed said...

Definitely the response of some people. Others think what's portrayed in the film is accurate. Worth scanning the internet to get both sides.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There are two primary issues with this movie. The first is that it is very poorly made. Amateurish camera and audio work, and very, very bad storytelling. It's distracting to the point of being unwatchable.

The second issue is the credibility of the filmmaker. He has made some horrendous (slanderous, in fact) off-camera accusations, is typically vulgar, and makes no bones about the fact that his desire is to harm Larry Norman's family.

I have no issue with a film that highlights negative details, but I think it has to be done with care, and in an unambiguously fair and credible manner. This film does not even come close.

And it's really too bad. There is a story here worth telling. Unfortunately for the audience, this film fails miserably on nearly every level.

Ron Reed said...

Thanks. Those are good specifics. I've deleted a few similarly anonymous comments that were less helpful.