Thursday, July 07, 2011

jul 16 | centaur screening | j.p. allen

J.P. and I became friends back in CalArts days, and have stayed connected since. We performed his play The Casino in the Vancouver and Edmonton Fringe Festivals in 1989. He played the title role in our production of Macbeth in 1996, which ran in rep with his one-man-show, Gambling. He's in town now directing me and Shalyn McFaul in his one-act play The Disappearing, which runs with Phil Miguel's production of The Casino Jul 13-16.

A few years back, PT also screened the film version of
Gambling. On closing night of our run of The Casino / The Disappearing, we'll be screening of J.P.'s latest film, Centaur. Join us.

Tickets for
Casino/Disappearing here

A Feature Film
Special Late Night Screening at Pacific Theatre
Sat Jul 16  10PM
(after closing performances of The Casino and The Disappearing, which begin at 8pm)

Can a single moment somehow change the past?
A man makes a video journal about his plan to commit a murder of revenge.
This mysterious film noir story of lost love, filmed in and around San Francisco and
the Golden Gate Bridge, stars JP Allen, Amy Mordecai and Chris Pflueger.

Written and photographed by JP Allen,
with music by Michael Slattery and SHOULDERS.
An Official Selection of 2011 Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

CENTAUR Trailer from coffeeandlanguage on Vimeo.


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