Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Christmas Is Coming | Nelson Boschman, Bekka Birkner, Kenton Wiens
Charlie & Linus, by Charles Schultz
Christmas Time Is Here | Nelson Boschman, Bekka Birkner, Kenton Wiens
O Come All Ye Faithful | Lance Odegard
Innkeeper, by Frederick Buechner
Best Of Me | Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer
Journey of the Magi, T.S. Eliot
The Magi's Page | Zoe Thiessen
Wise Fools, by Mike Mason
Impossible Dream | Lance Odegard
Christmas At The Turlingtons, by Stuart McLean
Cloak Room | Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer

I Saw Three Ships | Nelson Boschman, Bekka Birkner, Kenton Wiens
Politically Correct Christmas
Cold Gray Winter | Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer
Screed, by Ron Reed
When The Ship Comes In | Lance Odegard
Your King Has Arrived | Zoe Thiessen
Foursquare, by Roderick Jelema
Joseph's Night Watch, by Karl Petersen
Cave | Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer
Joseph's Suspicion, by Rainer Maria Rilke
O Sapientia, by Madeleine L'Engle
Light at the Stable | Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer
No Safe Place, by Sheila Rosen
Alleluia Christ Is Born | Lance Odegard

Links to several of these texts can be found here


Megan said...

Hi Ron and everyone! I loved the show on Thursday night! I'd love to reread and share Ron's essay Screed. Loved it! Would you mind posting a link? Thanks!

Andrea Loewen said...

Sorry for the HUGE delay Megan! I'll ask Ron about the essay.

Ron Reed said...

I've posted it on the Oblations blog, and provided a link in the Set List post, above. In case you want it for NEXT Christmas....