Thursday, May 23, 2013

may 31-june 15 | ramifications of a particular crash | lori triolo

Remember Lori Triolo's knockout performance in DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA? She's got another show coming up, RAMIFICATIONS OF A PARTICULAR CRASH by Kris Elgstrand, and it sounds like this one might pack a similar punch.

A Hollywood starlet in free fall.

A family in turmoil.

Ramifications of a Particular Crash tells the hilariously harrowing story of what happens when "America's Sweetheart" Aimee Scott pays a surprise visit to the family of the teenaged girl she killed in a car accident three years earlier.


Maxine Chadburn
Brad Dryborough
Lara Gilchrist
Lori Triolo

Written by Kris Elgstrand
Directed by Martin Kinch

Tickets at:

$25 general admission / Tuesdays Two-for-one

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