Thursday, June 20, 2013

july 5 | loudmouths mavericks and misfits | diane tucker

A cool event by the folks behind WE MAKE STUFF, featuring the poetry of our Artist Advisor Diane Tucker!

Ten Artists. Ten Minutes. Ten Bucks.
Join Vancouver artists and connect.

We've got a hold of ten diverse creators: local poets, film makers, dancers, visual artists and musicians. Giving them ten minutes to enchant the crowd, they'll present something from their creative strong suit. Best ten bucks you'll spend.

Get tickets and info here.

Featured artists:
Jill Marie Bronson - visual artist
Chris Lemky - musician
Diane Tucker - poet
Bre McDaniel - visual artist + musician
David Vandas - filmmaker + director
Gwen Cornish - handbag designer
Kim Stevenson - dancer
Derek Usher - musician
Steve Frost - visual artist + writer
Jess Park - musician

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