Thursday, July 11, 2013

throwback thursdays | bright particular star

We're launching a new series (new to us, anyways, "Throwback Thursdays" are already a thing on the internet to a lot of you) as part of celebrating the years that built to our 30th anniversary season!  The first instalment: BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR by Ron Reed.

A BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR played on the PT stage May 4-June 3, 2006. Written and directed by Ron Reed, featuring many PT favourites: Rebecca deBoer, Kyle Jespersen, Dan Amos, Jacqui Hoke, Ryan Hoke, Lori Kokotailo, Candice Lindsay, Kathleen Parsons, and Stephen Waldschmidt. It told the story of Lilia MacDonald, a young Victorian woman with a passion to act, held back by social preceptions of actresses as little better than prostitutes.  The story is based on author George MacDonald's family, and was written after six years of research.

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