Tuesday, November 04, 2014

subway stations of the cross | vancity buzz preview

Cecilia Lu from Vancity Buzz has released a great preview piece on SUBWAY STATIONS OF THE CROSS, based on an earlier interview with Ins Choi.

Here's a brief quote, see the entire piece in context here:

Do you ever look at a rambling man on the street and think, “that would make a great play?” No?

Ins Choi does. It’s part of his four year development process on Subway Stations of the Cross, a non-linear followup to this spring’s more conventional Kim’s Convenience. That the Arts Club would put on a play like Kim’s truly surprised and delighted me, and being introduced to Choi’s keen insight on Korean family relations was a great treat.

I chatted with Choi over the phone to find out more about the Torontoian’s next production to hit the West Coast:

A homeless man stands on a cardboard platform with a sign that reads “PREPARE”; the beginnings of a peculiar message from God. Choi’s unpredictable, mashed up meditation on the sacred and everyday is told through the songs, stories, and poetry of a nameless vagabond.

Choi workshopped the play over four years, performing bits and pieces on unsuspecting church audiences. It gave him a way to test out select bits of rambling and earmark the gems that truly resonated with people.

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