Tuesday, May 26, 2015

june 3-6 | here lies henry | brandon bate

It's apprentice showcase season!  Our apprentices are young professionals on the verge of starting careers as actors, directors, writers, stage managers, designers, and more.  Their summer productions provide you one last chance to see them on home turf before they make their marks in the wider theatre community.  First up in this summers Playground Series, showcasing PT's emerging artists, is Brandon Bate in HERE LIES HENRY.

Here Lies Henry by Daniel MacIvor
a Stone's Throw Production (apprentice showcase)
June 3-6 at 8pm

A man enters the room with a mission to tell you something you don't already know. A bizarre, unexpected comedy about love, loss, and the body in the next room

An apprentice showcase production presented as a part of Pacific Theatre's Summer Playground Series.

Advisory: strong language and sexual content.

Featuring Brandon Bate
Directed by Phil Miguel
Sound Design by Julie Casselman
Stage Managed by Sharra Ganzaveld

"Here Lies Henry challenges the conventional relationship between actor and audience and spins it completely on its head in a powerful exploration of purpose and humanity."
-Sometimes Melbourne

"Going in to Here Lies Henry, it can take a while to get your bearings. But if you can manage to grab a hold of the rapid, train-of-thought narrative, you'll quickly be swept up and into the mind of an incredible character."
-CBC Manitoba

"Nothing is obvious; meaning is found in the tiniest things. Everything else is just posturing, lies. We are all the same, Henry says. We are born; we have some experiences; we die."
-Toronto Daily Extra

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