Monday, September 21, 2015

smoke on the mountain | introducing the creative team

The Midnight Theatre Collective has assembled an incredible creative team for SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN!  

Directing: Sarah Rodgers

If you've been around PT (or the Vancouver theatre scene) much, you've probably seen a Sarah Rodgers show!  Just in the past few years, Sarah directed IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE RADIO SHOW, ESPRESSO, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, GODSPELL, and DRIVING MISS DAISY.

Assistant Directing: Ian Harmon

This is Ian's first time working on a show in our season, and we couldn't be more excited to have him!

Stage Manager: Melanie Thompson

It's always a treat to have Melanie stage manage - she joined us for UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL last year, and worked with The Midnight Theatre Collective last time they were here with THE SPITFIRE GRILL.

Costume and Set Designer: Carolyn Rapanos

Carolyn started working her way into the Pacific Theatre circle last year by running props for THE RAINMAKER and designing the majestic set for FREUD'S LAST SESSION.  She'll also be doing set and costumes for THE AMISH PROJECT, up next!

Musician: Stephen Bulat

Stephen Bulat has been floating around our world for quite some time - he worked with The Midnight Theatre Collective last time around in THE SPITFIRE GRILL, and designed for CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR and MASTER HAROLD... AND THE BOYS.

Musical Director: Gordon Roberts

Gordon is a mainstay of The Midnight Theatre Collective, last performing in THE SPITFIRE GRILL, he'll be performing and musical directing this time around!

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