Friday, February 26, 2016

ask/tell the boler project | apprentice project

You may have seen already, but our apprentice Julia Siedlanowska has put together a performance piece different than anything we've ever done at PT before: ASK/TELL: THE BOLER PROJECT.

ASK/TELL: The Boler Project
February 19- March 5 on Hemlock off 12th

Julia Siedlanowska explores proximity and closeness in a one on one, site-specific performance as part of her apprenticeship at Pacific Theatre.

To book email or call 604-616-7381

Friday 19th- 6pm-7:30
Saturday 20th- 6pm-7:30
Friday 26th- 6pm-7:15
Saturday 27th- 6pm-7:30

Friday 4th- 6:10pm-late
Saturday 5th- 6pm-late

(Directly before Hardline Productions' Bright Blue Future)

Artistic Team: Created and Performed by Julia Siedlanowska.

Tickets: Pay-What-You-Think-Its-Worth (cash after viewing) on the corner of Hemlock and 12th.

More info at: or 604 616 7381.


The experience takes place in a small Boler (tow-behind) trailer that is parked next to Pacific Theatre at Hemlock and 12th Street. It is a 10-minute one on one performance between performer and audience member exploring proximity and closeness between strangers.

The audience member will come into the Boler and have the opportunity to choose from two options:

1. They can ask a question
2. They can tell something

The only parameters being: it has to be the truth, and it stays in the room.

Tickets will be sold in an accessible pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth model, after the show.

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