Friday, March 03, 2017

sideshow featured performer | peter abando

Last, but certainly not least, is Peter Abando! Peter has performed on the PT stage with CHRISTMAS PRESENCE and SIDESHOW. Here to add improvised musical accompaniment to enhance your SIDESHOW experience, here is Mr. Peter Abando.

Peter Abando

Where else do you perform?
with Off Key Improv

with the Phantom Moon Collective - Spring Awakening (at Pacific Theatre in March!)

with TooFly Productions - Robin Hood (at Performance Works in late April/early May)

Describe improv in three words
Step back, look.

What is your favourite improv game?
Musical Blind Lines

What are you obsessed with these days?
Breakfast, sleep, stringed instruments, and grapefruit juice.

Who should be an improvisor but isn't?
Siri. Hey Siri, can I get a suggestion?

Where can people find you online?
Basically, just Facebook, or on

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