Wednesday, November 01, 2017

the lonesome west | responses

"Your best bet on stage right now continues to be the fecking grand production of Martin McDonagh’s The Lonesome West. As funny as it is dark, this trip to Leenane is worth it, and marks an auspicious start for one of our city’s newest indie theatre groups.... As Valene and Coleman, John Voth and Kenton Klassen are absolutely terrific. Matching each other note-for-note, there is a naturalness to their delivery leaving little doubt the two come from the same blood. One can’t help but wonder if the two actors, who are roommates, are giving some life to their characters from experience in the real-world." | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"John Voth is doing an excellent job of playing the rhythms as Valene while staying responsive and giving his character an active inner life... And I unreservedly admire Paige Louter’s work as Girleen. Not only does she get the rough humour right, she also finds the delicacy." | Colin Thomas

"These are four excellent performers. John Voth is big and burly and yet there is something decidedly boyish about Valene, especially in his collection of figurines of the saints which he believes will get him into heaven... Coleman, on the other hand, played by Kenton Klassen is nasty, cunning and sly. He knows exactly how to get Valene riled up and takes wicked pleasure in doing it... As Girleen, Paige Louter is saucy and pert... Against all odds, Sebastien Archibald makes Father Welsh a pitiable character in spite of his drinking and self-loathing." | Jo Ledingham

"The play, by Irish/British bad boy Martin McDonagh, is tons of fun. The writing vibrates with lethal verve... You wouldn’t expect patricide and Catholicism to be this much fun." | Darren Barefoot, The Georgia Straight

"Brilliant show - dark, funny, hard and hopeful. Like a Pogues song turned into a play." Nicola Colhoun

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