Tuesday, February 20, 2018

two gargoyles | an almost holy picture | pacific theatre

I am sleepwalking again.
There is evidence of mischief everywhere.

Pictures fallen from the walls.
Shoes removed from closets and lined up on windowsills.
Nine tomatoes piled in the upper rack of the dishwasher.
A bloody left knee.

One morning
Washing up
I lean over the sink.
In the mirror
I see my face.
Somehow, in the night
I've shaved off my eyebrows.

The Bishop finds me
Outside the cathedral
High on a balcony
Perched, knees drawn up
Sitting between two gargoyles

The Bishop calls to me,
"Samuel. Samuel," he says,
"Would you like a blanket?"

At 49
I've returned to the practice of my youth.
I, Samuel Gentle,
By day, groundskeeper
For The Church of the Holy Comforter.
By night, somnambulist.


An Almost Holy Picture
by Heather McDonald
Feb 21 - Mar 3, Pacific Theatre

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