Monday, September 17, 2018

kim's convenience | meet the crew

We had an incredibly talented group of artists creating the world of KIM'S CONVENIENCE. Here they are, along with the things they were most excited about with this show.

Kaitlin Williams - Director

"The story of this family is small, but the themes and struggles are universal. As is the hope. No matter what brokenness in which we may find ourselves, love is a force that calls forth restoration."

Jessica Oostergo - Costume Designer

"Working with a cast and design team that I have never worked with before, which includes artists from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds."

Soran Nakai - Assistant Director

"I love the way Ins Choi brings the rawness of intracultural conflicts to a place where many people of different backgrounds and ages find themselves nestled in. I am also excited about the way we will put on this show within the unique space at the Pacific Theatre."

Linnea Perry - Assistant Stage Manager

Linnea is a current apprentice at Pacific Theatre and is so excited to have Kim's Convenience as the start of the next chapter in her artistic career.

Chengyan Boon - Sound Designer (not pictured)

"It really, really hammers home the point that no matter what views and identities people have, people are people and can all be treated with kindness."

Carolyn Rapanos - Costume Designer

"I'm excited to be working on a Canadian play that examines the lives of an immigrant family with such effective heart & humour! And I'm always grateful to be a part of a creative, hard-working, collaborative team like this one!"

Maria Zarillo - Stage Manager

"I am excited to be a part of a show that is as big of a hit as this one. I love theatre that brings the work and stories of different backgrounds to the Canadian stage and I'm looking forward to the way this piece will look into PT's alley theatre."

Coralee Draginda - Props Manager

Coralee is happy to help tell this heartwarming family story.

Jonathan Kim - Lighting Designer

Jonathan thanks Ins Choi, Pacific Theatre, and the entire cast & crew for this dream come true project.

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