Saturday, April 15, 2017

apr 14 | testament set list


Needed Time (Sam Lightin' Hopkins) | Peter La Grand
Mr Prediction (David Rakoff) | Ron Reed
Strange Man (Dorothy Love Coates)| Kathleen Nisbett
Kwuz (David Kossoff) | Ron

Dweller By A Dark Stream (Bruce Cockburn) | Jon Ochsendorf

That One Man Should Die (Rudi Krause) | Rudi
By The Mark | Karly & Nelson

My God / JCSS (Lucy Grealy) | Danielle
Graduating from Sunday School | Ron
I Don't Know How To Love Him (Rice & Webber) | Kwerks

Leo Bebb's Sermon (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Say A Prayer (Peter La Grand) | Peter
Hugo's Testimony (David Rambo) | Ron
When Love Comes to Town (U2) | Nelson & Tom


Easter (Frederick Buechner) | Ron
Mary (Patty Griffin) | Karly Warkentin
Judas (J.D. Salinger) | Paige Louter
Peter & Matthew (Stephen Adley Guirgis) | Ron & Tom
Old Ship Of Zion | Tom
Thomas (Stephen Adley Guirgis) | Ron
I Am The Man, Thomas (Ralph Stanley) | Kath
Judas (Paige Louter) | Ron
Judas (Peter La Grand) | Peter
Samaritan Woman (Sheila Rosen) | Paige
Jesus Gave Me Water (Sam Cooke) | Nelson

Jesus Checks In For The Flight Home (Luci Shaw) | Ron, Paige, Danielle, Tom
Heavenly Aeroplane / One Of Us | Kathleen / Kwerks
Face of Jesus (Frederick Buechner) | Ron

bass | Mark Bender
drums | Rick Colhoun
guitars | Jon Ochsendorf
hammond | Chris Hawley

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Unknown said...

A very meaningful and enjoyable night!