Sunday, August 27, 2006


Books with a spiritual flavour
Just getting started on this, but for now, bold-faced titles link to a blog entry, others are titles I just happen to think of as particularly "soul foody" type books

Douglas Coupland, "Life After God"
Annie Dillard, "Teaching A Stone To Talk," "For The Time Being," "Holy The Firm," etc.
Clyde Edgerton, "Walking Across Egypt"
Nick Hornby, "How To Be Good"
John Irving, "A Prayer For Owen Meany"
Stuart Jackman, "The Davidson Affair"
Anne Lamott, "Traveling Mercies"
M. Scott Peck, "A Bed By The Window"
Walker Percy, "Love In The Ruins"
Ann Rice's Jesus book
Marilynne Robinson, "Gilead"
Mary Doria Russell, "The Sparrow" / "Children Of God"
Anne Tyler, "Saint Maybe"
Robert J. Wiersema, Before I Wake

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