Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dec 12: Christmas Presence credits

Nelson - Christmas Time Is Here
Michael - All Hail And Welcome
Ron - William Nicholson: "Christmas Drinks Party"
Sheree - O Emmanuel
Ron - Frederick Buechner: Emmanuel
Carolyn - Is Bethlehem Too Far Away?
Ron - David Sedaris: Santa's Little Helper (the Ryan edit)
Nelson - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Trish - Annie Dillard: God In The Doorway
Carolyn - Do Not Be Afraid
Ron - David Kossoff: Seth
Ruth - O Holy Night
Ron - Frederick Buechner: Gabriel
Sheree - Silent Night
Leora - It Don't Cost Very Much

Nelson - I Saw Three Ships
Carolyn - What Kind Of King Is This?
Ron - Mike Royko: Pretty Well Picked Over
Michael - Good King Wenceslas
Trish - Mike Mason: Christmas In July
Leora - Love Came Gently
Ron - Dina Donohue: No Room At The Inn
Carolyn - Christmas Must Be Tonight
Ron - John Henry Faulk: A Child's Christmas in Texas
Leora - What A Wonderful Child
Ron - Ron Klug: Joseph's Lullabye
Sheree - What Child Is This?
Ron - Robert Louis Stevenson: Christmas Prayer
Michael, Ruth, All - Silent Night

Carolyn Arends joined us tonight, and - a long-standing tradition - debuted a brand new Christmas song, "What Kind Of King Is This?" Beautiful. Also first CHRISTMAS PRESENCE this year for CP veteran Leora Cashe, who rocked the house with "Jesus, What A Wonderful Child!" (the one that's on the "Christmas Presence" CD), husband Jaye Krebs on the grand piano. First ever PT appearance for Ruth Gill, who sings with the Vancouver Bach Choir, and regaled us with a glorious "O Holy Night" and played the HT pipe organ for our closer, "Silent Night." Returning from previous nights were Michael Hart, Sheree Plett, Nelson Boschman, Spencer Capier, Becca Robertson, Rick Colhoun and Brett Ziegler. And joining me reading tonight was Trish Pattenden, who you've seen in THE FARNDALE CHRISTMAS as well as her Jessie-nominated turn in LETTICE & LOVAGE - a high point was her take on Mike Mason's brand new "Christmas In July."

Requested readings are posted at Oblations

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