Friday, December 08, 2006

Dec 12: Extra CHRISTMAS PRESENCE Performance!

The two Vancouver performances of CHRISTMAS PRESENCE listed in our season brochure are sold out, but fear not! We've added a special performance in the Holy Trinity sanctuary (right above the theatre) on Tuesday December 12! Carolyn Arends, Spencer Capier, Leora Cashe, Michael Hart and Sheree Plett and Ron Reed will be joined by Ruth Gill (from the Vancouver Bach Choir) and Trish Pattenden (LETTICE & LOVAGE, THE FARNDALE CHRISTMAS CAROL) for a "Raise The Roof" benefit performance for Holy Trinity Anglican Church, a small congregation facing a whopping huge bill for urgent repairs to the leaky roof, ill-fitting windows and ageing guts of the handsome (but elderly) heritage building that is their (and Pacific Theatre's) home.

There's lots of room in the sanctuary - I figure we can crowd ten or fifteen thousand people in there easy - but you'd be smart to book your tickets now at the Pacific Theatre box office: 604 731-5518.

There are still tickets left for CHRISTMAS PRESENCE IN THE VALLEY, PT's seasonal shindig slated for Clearbrook on Saturday December 16. Call the PT box office for those tickets as well!

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