Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feb 2: Martyn Joseph concert

Some years back, a Martyn Joseph concert for the Rogue Folk Club was the artistic and spiritual high point of my entire year. Superlatives intentional. An immense stage presence, palpable integrity, virtuostic singing voice (he's Welsh, dontcha know), singular Christian perspective in a cultural context where that doesn't often go down too well. And you should hear his cover of "One Of Us"!

Just got an email from PT actor Ian Farthing about a concert this Friday night. I'll be in a play reading as part of the Rosedale On Robson Writers Week (more about that to follow sooner or later, over on the Pacific Theatre blog), and there's no way I'm missing that, but if it were anything else, I'd be thinking of cancelling to hear Martyn again.

Here's Ian;
Hey y'all,

Martyn Joseph is a singer-songwriter from the UK who I got to know a little bit when I was working for the Arts Centre Group in London.

He is a fabulous performer and he's in town on Friday night, performing at the St. James Community Centre at 10th & Trutch in Kitsilano.

Martyn's done many a gig in Vancouver - both at the Folk Festival and at Capilano College as part of the Rogue Folk Club series. He loves BC and at one time was even thinking of moving here with his family. Well, he was thinking of moving to Prince George. God knows why.

He's toured with the likes of Celine Dion, Belinda Carlisle, Art Garfunkel, Suzanne Vega, Janis Ian and even Shirley Bassey!

I can't recommend him highly enough for his passion, his humour and his gritty faith.

So, I'll be there on Friday night at 8pm. Join me if you can!

Tickets are $23
Available from the Rogue Folk Club
604 736 3022 or online

Ciao for now!


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