Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dylan Hears A Who

Lots of gimmicks and spoofs show up on the net every day. This one goes way beyond. You'd swear somebody had dug up outtakes from lost Dylan tapes, circa "Like A Rolling Stone." Until you listen closer and realize Bob (or pseudo-Bob) isn't singing some little rhyming ditty along the lines of "How does it feel to be on your own / no direction home / a complete unknown / like a rolling stone" - no sir, he's singing a timeless little rhyming ditty along the lines of "I do not like them in a box / I do not like them with a fox / I do not like green eggs and ham / I do not like them Sam I Am." Inspired.

No Soul Food there, except for a good chuckle. But apart from the fact that that is probably soul food enough for most of us, I know that many soul food afficionados also happen to be Dylan devotees, so I figure some of y'all might be interested.

PS A while back I told you about Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, Bob Dylan's new weekly radio show where he plays favourite music (and all kinds of other tasty tidbits: clips from movies or old radio shows, poetry, vintage ads, brief interviews, bad jokes), all related to that week's theme. We've had "Bible" and "Baseball," "Shoes" and "Eyes" and "Musical Instruments." My driving companion all last fall. We're now up to #44 ("Texas"), the rumour is there'll be fifty episodes, so you may want to tune in before they're all gone. You can hear them when they're broadcast by subscribing to XM Radio, but if you don't have a digital radio, you'll want to download the programs. The site I mentioned for download no longer exists, but the ever-reliable Nick found us a new source. Check the link above for details, including the new link.

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