Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mar 10: Celtic ceilidh at St. Barnabas

PT regulars will know Stephen Elcheshen and Kerri Norris from performances in a number of Stones Throw shows - most recently, Kerri played George MacDonald's wife Louisa in A BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR.

What you may not know is that Kerri and Stephen are seriously into the whole celtic thing: they've done lots with Stage Eirrann, and now they've got some sort of wild Irish party going on at their home church in New Westminster. (It's called a ceilidh, and you say it "KAY-lee." Just so you know.)

Here's the dope from Kerri;

It's a Celtic Ceilidh - featuring traditional celtic music by Celtic Traditions from 7pm-9pm and some other presentations. (Poetry readings, singing etc.)

There will be munchies, sweets and a raffle. Tickets are $25 and can be bought at the door.


Church eyes green plans for future
St. Barnabas Anglican Church is going green.

Rev. Mavis Brownlee is pleased that St. Barnabas Church is one of four congregations selected to receive a solar hot water panel in the Diocese of New Westminster. The initiative represents St. Barnabas' ongoing commitment to the objective of becoming a green parish.

"It is going to be up and running by mid-March," she says. "The tank is here. We are waiting for the second part."

Mavis says it's anticipated that the solar hot water panel will result in annual cost savings of $268 per year, but more importantly, will result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The exact emission reductions will be known when the panel becomes fully operational in mid-March

St. Barnabas is encouraging community leaders to take the green challenge and reduce emissions in city facilities and vehicles. The federal government and the Diocese of New Westminster provided funds for the solar water panels.

In celebration of the greening of the parish, St. Barnabas is having a Celtic ceilidh on Saturday, March 10 at 7 p.m.

"We will have good food and good drink," Mavis says. "We invite you all to help celebrate the greening of the parish."

The Celtic ceilidh fundraiser features music by Michael Pratt and Lynn McGowan of Celtic Traditions.
Tickets (only 100 are available) are $25 and available at
St. Barnabas parish hall, 1010 Fifth Ave, New Westminster

For more information, call 604-526-6646.

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