Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sep 15-30: Accomodation for 12 ANGRY MEN actor?

Tim Dixon was a member of the resident company at Pacific Theatre when we opened our new theatre space in 1994. You'll remember him from COTTON PATCH GOSPEL, TRAVELER IN THE DARK, VOICE OF THE PRAIRIE, HOWARD BUYS A MOTORHOME, TALLEY'S FOLLY and other shows. Just one of the most easy-going, great-to-have-around guys to be part of our company's work.

He's coming out from Alberta in September to act in 12 ANGRY MEN, and is looking for accomodation. Anybody got anything to offer?

Here's his note...
Hello all:

Hope you're all enjoying the Canada Day weekend. I certainly am! Just finished listening to Roy Forbes' "Snap Crackle Pop - Roy's Oldies" on CBC Vancouver via the web; great old 78's.

I've been looking into hotel prices in the lower mainland in anticipation of my trip down there Sept. 15-30. The cheapest place I could find is still pretty expensive when multiplied by 15 days, so I'm thinking about other options.

Which brings me to this e-mail. I'm wondering if any or all of you might be willing to put me up for a few of those days. I can bring my own bedding, etc. so all I would need is a room to kip and a shower. I'll be happy to contribute in any way I can - groceries, transportation (I'll be driving down so I'll have my own wheels with me).

If you're unable to help, could I impose on you to please pass on this request to someone who knows me that might? If you also know of any other inexpensive options for accommodation (house-sitting, pet-sitting, churches, etc.), it would be great to hear about those as well.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, and if you can't, no worries - I'll still see you in about 2.5 months! ...
Happy C-Day!

Tim Dixon
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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