Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ear Food: Garrison Keillor & TAL podcasts

Some ear snacks.

You used to have to pay to listen to Garrison Keillor’s “News From Lake Wobegon” monologues, but lately they’re posted free at iTunes as a subscribable weekly podcast. I love the easter one.

And there’s more free stuff from Anoka’s Golden Boy at Writers Almanac (thanks Spencer), a bite-sized daily helping of poetry, birthday nods to authors and bio bits: I’ve posted a nibble from one of them at the Oblations blog, a beguiling little piece of poesy about the movies by Billy Collins. Also free and subscribeable at the iTunes store.

But the best thing on radio may be "This American Life," which even a Canadian can enjoy. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself: you can stream the shows for free, or download them for 95 cents an episode at the TAL official website My favourites would include;
"Blame It On Art" (#73)
"Who's Canadian?" (#65)
"Music Lessons" (#104)
"Act V" (#218)
None of those particular episodes are particularly Soul Foodish (except in the most general sense), but there are some fascinating pieces about Christians, toward which the often hip-ironic show seems to maintain a sort of respectful affection. I just don't have any of those episode numbers handy at the moment...
And the new bit is that each new episode is now available for one week only as a free, subscribeable podcast through iTunes.

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