Friday, September 14, 2007

Sep 14 8pm or forever: Bruce Cockburn, Banff Centre Concert

You can tune in to CBC Radio Two tonight at 8pm, or you can go to the CBC website anytime you want, and listen to an August 9th (or is that September 8th?) Bruce Cockburn concert recorded in Banff.
Bruce Cockburn at The Banff Centre
Recorded 8/9/2007 at Eric Harvie Theatre, The Banff Centre in Banff, AB
In a career that now extends 40 years and over 25 albums, Bruce Cockburn possesses an ability to distill political events, spiritual revelations, and personal experience into rich, compelling songs that have made him one of this country’s finest and most-honoured musical icons and one of the world’s most celebrated artists. He is a performer who masterfully moves his audience through a range of emotions, at one moment inspiring them to dance and the next inspiring them to think.

A passionate social advocate, a deft guitarist, and an adventurous musical spirit, Cockburn performs music and songs that are glimmering snapshots of a provocative, probing, and important performer. We welcome his long overdue return to Banff for this special, solo concert.

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40 years? Sheesh. Anybody want to come over to my place and listen to my Christophers Movie Matinee record?

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