Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sep 30: Augusta / Jason Dionne concert

Remember Dolly, from the original production of TENT MEETING? That's Karen Augusta, who's also played at Pacific Theatre events like PASSION, along with her husband Jason Dionne. Well, they've lined up a concert of good old live music happening this coming Sunday evening, Sept 30, in Coquitlam, as a benefit for a missions trip to India. Here's the deets:
Date: Sunday, Sept 30
Time: 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Place: Northside Foursquare Church, 1460 Lansdowne Drive (at David St), Coquitlam, BC
Cost: $2.00 at the door (that's right, only $2.00!)
Occasion: fundraiser for November missions trip to India

4 different acts:

folk-fusion trio with Karen Augusta (acoustic guitar, flute, and voice), Jason Dionne (bass), Darren Schoepp (drums): "We'll be performing some new songs from our up-and-coming CD as well as a couple of old faves."

Jeremy Shrimer Quartet
Upright Bass, Sax, Piano, Drums

Chris Goetz Big Band
large horn section, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums

Jason writes: "The jam band I've been in for over a decade (sometimes pleasantly melodic, sometimes wild and way out there, we never'll have to be there to find out what happens!)"
Craig Townsend (guitars, battery operated dental utensils, rivets, small motors, early science project items, gadgets from Frankenstein's laboratory, etc)
Darren Schoepp (drums, sticks, stones and broken bones, raw pieces of meat slapping against cymbals, odd electronic sounds)
Greg Reid (keyboards, rants and random bouts of nonsensical silliness)
Jason Dionne (bass, marbles, electrical screws from Frankenstein's neck - "I got these from Craig")

Northside Foursquare Church Coquitlam Campus
1460 Lansdowne Drive
Coquitlam, BC
V3E 2N9

Phone: 604-942-7711

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