Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feb 7: Happy Birthday, Sir Thomas...

Thursday February 7 is Thomas More's birthday. He'll be turning either 530 or 531, but once you pass the big five-o-o, who's counting?

Rumour has it St. Tom will be dropping by the Pacific Theatre lobby a little after 10pm for some birthday cake, so if you want to pass along some birthday wishes in person, meet a dead guy, hang out with some groovy actor types, or just score some free bd cake, come on by! And listen, just so we know how much cake to make, you can RSVP by booking yourself a ticket to see A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS that night. (Hot tip: apparently the saint himself will be at the show, as well!)

You heard it here first.

Ron Reed,
Soul Food Chef and Personal Pal of Sir/Saint Thomas More

Tickets: 731-5518 or PT website

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