Friday, February 22, 2008

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: Audience response

Here's a note from one audience member - actress, filmmaker and former PT apprentice Genevieve Miedema
Hi Ron,

I wanted to let you know that David and I really enjoyed A Man for All Seasons when we went two Saturdays ago. It was our first night out together since Caspian was born and we were thrilled by the performance. What a great script! I loved the era-change for the costumes and thought the whole production was excellent.

It was a bit of a stretch to see a tall, thin man play Henry VIII, but he pulled it off, and his Cromwell was just creepy! The guy who played the butler/jailer etc. was a delight to watch. And your performance of Thomas was moving and poignant. It was exciting, as always, to see the familiar PT faces of Adam, Evangela, and Trish. Each character was convincing and captivating.

What a heartbreaking scene that was when Thomas had to make his friend dislike him by telling him what he really thought of his capitulation to the king... I've been recommending this play to everyone I know and I hope it does very well for Pacific Theatre. What a challenge to us all, as we try to justify our compromises.

Thanks for putting this show on, and thanks for blessing us with your work.

Geneviève (and David) Miedema

And another from a physician, a longtime fan of Pacific Theatre...
Yes, we were misting up in the north front row Friday night. My parents agreed it was one of the most outstanding performances to date. Not that you are intentionally competing with what London and NYC offer us. Bravo! Exemplary acting! Yes, don’t let so much time pass again. The reading of “Twelve Angry Men”, provided an inkling of what can be when directors remember where they began. Could be like when physicians become patients once in awhile. (Clearly autobiographical)

Theatre provides the extraordinary gift of engaging me completely; intermission being an uninvited dream-state. Reminds me of a comment made recently by NBC (Newfie by choice) philosopher Daryl Pullman. “We don’t just take a patient’s history, we are privileged to enter into their story.”

Profound fallout…..

In the early 80’s I had written in my journal Sir T.M’s quote about a vow being like holding water in your cupped hands. I claim that image to have inspired me against all odds now beyond the 25 year mark…

And what the heck, how about this one...
Thanks so very much for a wonderful night at Man for all Seasons- We were 'wowed' by the performances and the ability of the stage to bring story into an intimate and engaging experience for us. We talked all the way home about the density and intensity of the dialogue and it's delivery- so very powerful! Now I want to get the play to read! Do you ever tape performances?

Kudos to Ron- you must be exhausted- you put so much into your character- I could so clearly see Sir Thomas More's physical deterioration juxtaposed to the increasing determination of the will matched with wit to stand as a congruent servant of God.- Wonderful! thanks to everyone for giving it their all- Ok I'll write your next review- Blessings to you all, and thanks again it was a great diversion to our up-hill climb right now.

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