Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mar 19: Adam Bergquist in "5 Sides Of A Circle," St Paul's Anglican Church

This just in from Adam Bergquist, who you'll remember from CHICKENS, LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC, and the recent A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS...
Imagine you are a Christian living in the first century AD, some decades after Christ. Then a scroll shows up called "the Gospel of Christ". Then another and another, at least 4 of them over a period of many years which get read regularly. They're similar but not identical and in some places contradictory!
Now imagine you can get these 4 writers together in one room to see if they can sort out their differences. Can they come to some sort of agreement about which emphasis to follow? What is meant literally and what is symbolic? And can they stem the tides of conflict already growing amongst them?
Now imagine that I am one of the authors of the Gospel according to John.

If this sounds like an argument you'd like to hear. Come hear a staged reading of "5 Sides of a Circle" at St. Paul's Anglican Church (on Jervis 1/2 block north of Davie) this Wednesday at 8:00. Admission is free, the pews are wooden and sit near the front since we won't be miked and the acoustics are designed for choirs.

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