Sunday, May 04, 2008

THE WOODSMAN: One Last Audience Letter

May 2

I am a PT season ticket holder (several years now) who attended last Saturday night's play, The Woodsman. I stayed for the talkback session afterwards and hoped to speak briefly with you following that, but since others were already approaching you, I left.

A few days later I was enjoying brunch with a friend at Sophie's in Kits when friend Ian Farthing dropped by, and the talk drifted to the topic of theatre. I brought up the play and my reaction to it, and Ian encouraged me to email my thoughts to you. I do hope this gets to you, Ron, it often seems professional email accounts don't get accessed as frequently as personal ones, but here goes.

I still cannot get that play out of my head. It was riveting. I've described it to friends as both raw and gentle, sweet and repugnant, brutal and yet oozing grace. Who would have guessed, given the subject matter?

And the audience talkback was such a bonus--a thoughtful, sensitive way for all of us to go a bit deeper and make some sense of the emotional overload. It was comforting to connect with others who were also struggling to process this.

The whole experience felt scary, holy and a privilege. (Those words seem strangely out of context to me now, but that was my exact comment which prompted Ian's suggestion I contact you.)

I so admire your very bold decision to stage this play, and your commitment to its themes. And thank you for the background blurb you wrote in the programme.

It occurred to me later that there are blessed places the audience cannot get to unless we dare walk into very uncomfortable territory. And because you took the risk, we all benefitted.

Thank you.

Anita Orendi

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