Monday, June 02, 2008

Aug 26-30: SADDEST GIRL Comes To Vancouver! (Tina Teeninga)

In 2006/2007, Tina Teeninga was an apprentice at Pacific Theatre. She wrote and directed several Stones Throw / Apprentice Showcase shows, presented her full length play LUDDITES! at the Rosedale Writers Week, and played Max in REMNANTS on the PT mainstage.

Still a presence around Pacific Theatre, Tina also continues to write and produce independently. Her latest is set to tour to Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Vancouver this summer. I won't be missing it!

A new play by Tina Teeninga

July 16th- July 27th - Winnipeg Fringe Festival
July 31st - August 9th - Saskatoon Fringe Festival
August 26th - August 30th - Carousel Theatre, Vancouver
To reserve tickets please contact

Separated from everyone she knows. Haunted by a bloody past. Natya believes Canada is the beginning of a new life. Canada harbours dirty secrets of its own, however, and Natya must face personal demons in a fight to survive. Natya’s one possible ally is Ava: an innocent woman she has never met, whose dreams of jewels glimmer with hope.

For more, visit the SADDEST GIRL website

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