Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 6/6: Sara Ciantar

Sara was ubiquitous this past CHRISTMAS PRESENCE: she performed her own tune and others with a subset of Wicker Robot, then played the pipe organ for our special performance in the Holy Trinity sanctuary. Rick Colhoun produced her cd...

Hey ya'll,
After a couple of months of doing other people's lovely music I'll be celebrating mine in full force. I cordially invite you to one of two gigs (or both if the fancy should strike you).
Come hear some of the new tunes I've been working on and some other beautiful musicians to boot!

Friday nite, June the 6th
I'm opening for all you "early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"-ers
So that should be around 8:30
Following is local legend Peter Lagrand and then
Justin Grounds of Australian fame (but I knew him before...) starting the northern leg of his world tour
Cafe Deux Soleils (I didn't know that the same people also own Cafe Du Soleil-go figure!) Commercial and 5th

Saturday nite, June the 7th
The nomadic spirit (and actual presence) of Michael Peters of Winnipeg will be opening up for me at 8:30
It's a small world you know. We found each other's music on myspace and it turns out that it's a miracle we haven't met before we know so many of the same people (I was set up with his brother once or twice before....)
This event will be at the Wired Monk. I was crossing my fingers on this one folks. This is my favorite place to play my music in this city. (Trafalgar and 4th)

I think both events are $5 covers but really for such quality music how could you go wrong.
Can't wait to see some of your smiling happy faces.


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