Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Soul Food: Sad Girls, Curtain Calls

A quick note to alert you that two intriguing shows launch this week, Tina Teeninga's one-woman-show THE SADDEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (Aug 26-30 at Carousel on Granville Island) and Betty Spackman's art installation CURTAIN CALLS which opens Aug 27 (at the Fort Gallery in Fort Langley).  

There's not much of a specifically Soul Food nature on big screens just now, but the shelves at Videomatica are loaded with nourishing, tasty-fresh New Arrivals.  Excitement's starting for PT's season opener MOURNING DOVE, but first up - my trip to New York to see REFUGE OF LIES open Off-Broadway! Where I'll also check out the competition, just a block down 42nd Street - Frank Langella in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS

And as always, lots of other good stuff for you to browse over at the Soul Food Vancouver blog and its cyber-buddy, Soul Food Movies.

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