Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MOURNING DOVE: Audience response

from a physician friend: "Mourning Dove. She has been hovering above me all week. You have gifted us with an astonishing production of one of the most difficult ethical issues of our time.
I’m just recovering from surgery and am less coherent than usual which isn’t saying much. Nevertheless I want to send off a few thoughts but primarily gratitude for what you have put into this play as you approach closing night. I have recommended the show to many others as an “uplifting” experience. No matter what you thought when you arrived you had to leave with a deeper appreciation for the other side if not your own stance. Keith(you), the brilliantly acted idiot savant spoke for those of difference who cannot speak for themselves and in the end he was incapable of understanding and/or forgiving the act. On the other hand Sandra’s redemptive embrace closed the wounded circle. It was 40 days and 40 nights of torrential compassion! “Because we are going to outlive her we must out love her.” ...With my most sincere gratitude for the moral courage of your ongoing work..."

from Sarah: "Thank you again for such a beautiful, moving evening at the theatre. I haven't stopped talking about MOURNING DOVE all day."

from John Jennings: "I had to just sit in my seat for about 5 minutes after the play ended. Mind you, most everyone else did too. Thanks for taking the risk to present this play. It challenged us, as parents, to ask those tough "what if" questions. We talked through those questions on the way home, and then thanked God we didn't have to live with the answers."

from Dan: "I wanted to hug you after the show, but knew that I would start crying if I did. The show struck all kinds of resonances with me and I was in a very deep.... place for the rest of the evening and all of Saturday. I think the show brilliantly held its tension at all the right places and delivered a nuanced, thought-provoking journey. Bravo to all involved!"

From Michelle Lieffertz:
Oh WOW. It's only now, nearly a week later, that I feel even REMOTELY able to articulate anything.
What a piece of theatre.
What a piece of life.
It was quite the ride. What phenomenal work - THANK YOU for the gift of this. I was unable to leave the theatre space during intermission: I didn't want to stay and face the questions... but I was so caught up in it that I couldn't go. I feel like this is what Aristotle was talking about when he discussed theatre as catharsis.
so much pain.
so much TRUTH.
so few answers.
still reeling...
Glad I'm not God.

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